Monday, 22 May 2017

Signs You're Too Old for Conventions

You're probably reading this article because, like me, you used to enjoy conventions back in the day but nowadays don't think I can justify the sore feet, the crowds or the ever-increasing entrance fees! Below we've compiled a handy guide to let you know if you're getting too old for anime and comic book conventions.
Source: Drawception

Everything Hurts!
So you used to be able to walk around all day without a problem but now a day out at a convention makes you sore the next day? Find you're having to rely on gel inserts just to get through the day? Can't line up for an autograph without your feet hurting? It's probably the first warning sign that maybe..just maybe... conventions are no longer your thing.

Pop Culture Is Becoming Unfamiliar
At one stage you kept up with all the latest games, anime and comic-books but nowadays whenever you go all you can think is "who's that character?" and look around completely lost. You've probably been busy with real life things so haven't kept up with the newest anime season or are still trying to catch up from games from yester-year and all conventions do is make you feel bad for not keeping up with the time.

You Can't Stand All the Kids
Everyone is much younger and much more annoying. Let's face it, besides the people helping out at the convention it seems largely geared towards 16-24 year olds. There are some older attendees but, let's face it, they are usually tied down with work and family commitments and thus in the minority.

It's the Same Thing Every Year!
You used to get excited about going to conventions but now all you think is that they're an overpriced marketplace with overpriced crap you can probably find for half the price on eBay. Cosplays no longer excite you because, let's face it, you've already seen people dressed up as Harley Quin only like 1000000x. Sure, there might be a change in panel guests but as you're prone to getting sore feet waiting in line and haven't kept up with pop culture for ages they would be of little to no interest to you anyway at this point. it's about time to retire that Harley Quinn or Batman cosplay and spend the night in watching Star Trek re-runs instead.

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