Sunday, 14 August 2016

Pokemon No! - Top 4 Reasons I am NOT Playing Pokemon Go

With Pokemon Go being the latest craze it may strike some unusual - maybe even heresy - to know that I do not play it and nor do I have any intention to. Now don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Pokemon fan. I have a lot of Pokemon merch, I follow the anime series, collect the cards and I've played most of the games and spinoffs. Pokemon Go on the other hand has not captured my interest for a number of reasons which I will discuss below...

It's a drain on phone battery
If like me you value your phone's battery & don't like to always have to carry a charger then Pokemon Go is probably not the best option for you. As it uses the camera & GPS as well as the phone display & Wi Fi connection...Pokemon Go happens to be a major battery drainer! For those of you who like to travel light without bringing a charger or anything of the sort, playing Pokemon Go is nothing but a battery draining inconvenience.

No battles!
One thing I really enjoy about Pokemon games in general is the element of strategy in the Pokemon battles. I love any games involving strategy and when the entire purpose of a game is just walking around and collecting I'm bound to get bored and quickly. Until a battle feature is implemented I don't think I'll be giving Pokemon Go a second glance.

Privacy Concerns
As Pokemon Go requires access to data such as the camera and GPS it does raise the issue of privacy concerns and make you wonder exactly where the information collected is going and just how safe it is from hackers.

No Time To Play!
As someone who generally has my phone off when out and does not enjoy checking it I just feel a game like Pokemon Go is a waste of time and would rather amuse myself in other ways during lunch break such as actually eating lunch or enjoying some time away from the screen (I work on a computer and would like some time to rest my eyes).

All things said I have nothing against people who play Pokemon Go and if you wish to play Pokemon Go please do so at your own leisure, just don't try "convert" me.