Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Ultimate Eurovision 2016 Drinking Game

I know there's plenty of these out there for the cheesiest song contest known to Earth but in the spirit of thing (pun unintended) we had to make our own Eurovision Drinking Game

The Rules are as follows:

Curl up beside the TV or your chosen streaming device with bottles of your alcoholic beverage of choice...

Take a drink if:

  • There's a wind machine
  • A country gives 12 points to their neighbour
  • The UK gets a point
  • There's a helicopter shot
  • A performer comes on stage in a traditional folk costume
  • A performer is wearing another costume of a ridiculous or overthetop nature e.g. horns.
  • Generic pretty boy comes on stage
  • A song is trying to make a political statement
  • Fireworks/fancy light show
  • Graham Norton says something lame
  • There's a drag queen
  • The song is half in English/half in another language

Finish the rest of the bottle if:
  • The UK gets 12 points
  • There's a rap or heavy metal performance
  • Your country wins

Disclaimer: Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. We will not take responsibility for any of your drunken shenanigans. Please try not drink too much because you may get alcohol poisoning. Happy drinking!

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