Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tearjerking Moments Every 90's Pokemon Fan Remembers

As light-hearted as Pokemon is, back in the days there were a lot of sadder moments in season 1. Here we've compiled some of them so curl up with a box of tissues and brace yourself for some serious feels...

Bye Bye Butterfree 
When Butterfree falls in love and leaves Ash to be with the pink Butterfree. Butterfree evolved from Caterpie which was the first Pokemon Ash caught and was the first Pokemon we said goodbye to which makes this scene extra sad.

Pikachu's Goodbye
This was an episode where Pikachu met a group of Pikachus and it looked like Pikachu was going to leave Ash to be with the other Pikachus in the forest. Of course this never really happened but it was still sad nevertheless with the dramatic song & flashback.

Charmander the Stray Pokemon
In this episode Ash, Misty and Brock find a Charmander abandoned on a rock by its trainer Damian. The Charmander's left on a rock all alone and very unwell with the flame on its tail super small :(

Pokemon the First Movie
In Pokemon the First Movie when Ash is turned to stone...Pikachu starts crying as it's implied Ash has died and suddenly all the other Pokemon start crying

Now it's your turn - what's the saddest Pokemon season 1 moment in your opinion?

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