Thursday, 3 March 2016

Gambling ads!?

A letter from the admin:

"I was recently asked about the idea of increasing paid advertising revenue on this site through placing a number of more adult oriented advertisements on this site.
Needless to say I have turned down this offer for a number of reasons which I think I should outline just before anybody asks me again:

  1. Children visit this site
    For those who just stumbled upon this site, chances are it was through a Google search for something to do with Pokemon or some other anime or video game franchise. Website demographics obtained through Google tell me that a large number of my readership is between 12-24 and as such I do not want a portion of my audience being exposed to advertisements for gambling or other adult entertainment.

  2. It would just look too messy and ill-placed
    I am slowly looking to expand this site to a regular news & general entertainment site aimed at a 12+ crowd and as such I do NOT want to feature advertisements about things such as poker or cam girls on my site.

  3. I do not like such ads myself
    I absolutely hate it when I go on a website and the ads feature links to online poker, blackjack or sports betting or pornography, etc. My logic is: If I hate it myself then why subject my readership to it?

As you can see I have a number of reasons why I have declined this offer and am instead sticking with advertising revenue through AdSense and other affiliate programs which are more age-appropriate and relevant to the content published on this website"

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