Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Droid Rage, 30,000+ hits & the future!

First of all I want to thank all you guys for your support! I never thought this site would get anywhere near the attention it has been getting when I started. It's by far my longest running website ever!
I don't know if anyone remembers but I used to run a Seto Kaiba fan shrine by the name of "Dark Illusions" many many many years ago when I was also a moderator on several Pokemon forums using a number of aliases including "Ganon" (I used to be obsessed with the Legend of Zelda as well as Pokemon and back then was even writing a number of Ocarina of Time walkthroughs for Nintendo 64). Whilst now defunct the site can still be found on the PPN Top 50 listing here.

What happened between now and then is a loooong story which I don't really feel like going into the details of but since then I decided to get back into the whole Pokemon & general Nintendo community on Twitter which inspired me to get back into the whole fandom and open a blog called "Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep" (the name was partly inspired by the Pokemon Mareep as well as Blade Runner & the novel).
Originally I started writing a number of articles related to Pokemon and fan theories but later expanded to include interviews with local cosplayers and articles related to other fandoms (with the help of a number of my close friends). This helped broaden the audience and cross-promotion through Twitter has definitely assisted with the spread of articles. Unfortunately Facebook now requires pages to pay for exposure so I'm relying less and less on Facebook for any publicity.
Anyway it looks like most of my hard work paid off because I recently logged back in to update the site and................
...WELL MORE LIKE "OVER 30,000" but I've been on/off due to other commitments but didn't want to miss my grand Vegeta meme moment.

Soooo what does this mean for Droid Rage (formerly known as Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep)?

Welll for starters I've decided to change the name.
WHY CHANGE THE NAME?? you may wonder so let me explain:
Short names are catchy and memorable. Long names on the other hand are a mouthful. I wanted to still keep the "Android" theme in the name so as a bit of play on words decided on "Droid Rage". It's short and has a ring to it - unlike "Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep" which a number of my friends and strangers have criticised as being too long.

Next on the agenda was changing the logo and layout. 
I wanted to keep the quirky feel to the site but at the same time I wanted to get rid of the Pokemon Ampharos and Mareep which have so commonly featured on this blog. Why? It's because I no longer want to exclusively write about Pokemon. Yes, this site will still be providing Pokemon updates but it will no longer be 100% Pokemon and, really, it's been becoming less and less a Pokemon website ever since I started doing cosplay interviews. I am looking at doing another few interviews with cosplayers (as well as other public figures like YouTube and Twitch streamers, alternative models & game developers) in the future along with articles about other things. One of my friends who has offered to write for the site is a big fan of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim as well as League of Legends so these are some other franchises we intend to write about in the future too. Additionally, with Jordan's review of the game Dying Light I want to start including more and more reviews on this site and this will once again mean being less focused on JUST Pokemon. Along with that I want to start appealing to people with a wider variety of interests such as fashion, beauty, art & craft, etc.

Last but not least: Increasing reader interactivity
I have noticed some good discussions going on in some of the post comments but I'd like to see more of this and as such I have decided on including a forum on this site. Head on over, introduce yourself and start a discussion! Part of my intention with this forum is to also gain reader feedback and get an idea of what articles YOU would like to see more of.

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