Wednesday, 10 February 2016

New Pokemon Magiana

It seems as if the first of the new 7th gen Pokemon (may or may not be 7th gen as details are not fully known at this point) has been revealed in the latest March edition of CoroCoro magazine. The Pokemon is currently known by the Japanese name Magiana - マギアナ.
Nothing much is known about this new Pokemon yet although Serebii from has released a translation of the CoroCoro text regarding Magiana which says  "Magiana was made by human hands' Pokemon that was created over 500 years ago. Volcanion is after Magiana in the upcoming movie and only Volcanion knows Magiana's secret."

Whilst at this point it's unknown whether this new Pokemon will be part of gen 7 or this hints at the release of a Pokemon Z game many have been waiting for make sure to be on the lookout for updates over the next few months.

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