Sunday, 27 December 2015

Nintendo Announces Nintendo NX

Recently Nintendo unveiled plans for a mystery console currently known under the codename "Nintendo NX". Whilst more details aren't expected till 2016, speculations suggest that it will be nothing at all like the Wii U - Nintendo's worst-selling console - and may potentially also replace the 3DS as a report in the Wall Street Journal available here claims that the new Nintendo NX will somehow combine both console and handheld gaming. A patent was discovered and is available here which also suggests the new control design to be both a fusion of the touchscreen feature seen on the 3DS as well as the twin joysticks of the Nintendo Gamecube.

In an interview with Time's Matt Peckham, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said the following: "As far as NX goes, I've said it's different and obviously a new experience," Kimishima said. "That being said, I can assure you we're not building the next version of Wii or Wii U. It's something unique and different. It's something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal to our consumer base."

Pokemon News: Hoopa Coming Soon to Australia & New Zealand

Nintendo has recently announced that the event Pokemon Hoopa will be available in Australia and New Zealand in early 2016. Whilst no other official information has been made available it will likely be distributed similarly to other event Pokemon. The mythical ring Pokemon will be available on will be available on Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games and further details will be made available sooner to the event. Whilst many fans are excited about this... there are many disappointed the announcement took so long especially with the movie "Hoopa Clash of Ages" being released in Australia much sooner than the Hoopa event and many fans having already obtained Hoopa through trades or QV codes.

Monster High "Too Scary"?? #SavetheoldMonsterHigh

Some people have dubbed the Monster High dolls as "too dark" and "too scary" leading to Mattel announcing that they are redesigning the Monster High dolls and the packaging to appear less "dark". This response has understandably been met with a lot of criticism. The newer dolls will feature a more colourful and less gothic aesthetic and this has led to a petition being started on to save the original Monster High dolls especially as it goes against the whole "be yourself, be unique" message the brand claims to be promoting.

"Recently it has been announced that Mattel will be giving a makeover to the Monster High dolls and redesigning the faces of the dolls, style of clothing and boxes. Although the brand has changed its packaging a few times, and changes like those are good to bring some excitement and update an image, the changes that will be made to the faces are quite drastic and many people do not like it!  Here is Mattel's official announcement regarding the change:

In the video released, the explanation behind this is that some people consider the Monster High dolls to be "too dark or scary", and in response, the dolls are being redesigned to look more..... bright? colourful? bland? washed out? watered down? All these words have been used by dedicated MH collectors to describe the look of the new dolls. Regardless of the words used, there is an strong sense of disappointment amongst MH collectors regarding this change!

An important aspect that Mattel may have forgot about (or chose to ignore), is that this change goes against what Monster High stands for!!! MH's message is "Be yourself! Be unique! Be a monster". It's about embracing your freaky flaws, recognising that "imperfections are scary-cool and embracing everyone’s differences is encouraged" (taken directly from the Monster High website). So how does that work with the fact that they are changing the brand because "some people consider the dolls to be too dark or scary"? You're basically promoting the idea of changing yourself because others don't like you. 

Secondly, the reason why Monster High has become such a popular brand is exactly because it is different! Quirky, punk, slightly gothy, but still colourful! Perfect! In a world of "perfect" princesses and Barbie dolls, MH was a breath of fresh air!!!  It is true that some people may be put off by the darker/edgier look of the dolls, but those now have the option of buying Ever After High dolls!

Whether you dislike the look of the new dolls, or you're on the fence about them, it's important to understand that the change WILL GO AHEAD! Mattel has already created the dolls and the boxes and the new campaign that will accompany the change, so we will definitely be seeing the new dolls in stores in 2016!

So this petition is not aimed at trying to discourage Mattel from producing these new dolls, but rather, a plea that they will not discontinue the old look!

I have created this petition, and yet, I do believe that the new dolls are kinda cute, and they will probably be very appealing to kids (and those parents that do not like the "dark" look). My concern (and that of many others) is that this change will mean the old look and style will be completely eliminated. 

So please Mattel: #SavetheoldMonsterHigh"

Follow the link below to sign the petition:

Disney Princesses as Anime Characters

Ever wondered what Disney princesses would look like drawn in a bishoujo anime style? Here are some interesting anime versions of Disney Princesses as found here on Tumblr.

Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Ariel - Little Mermaid

Snow White - Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

Jasmine - Aladdin

Rapunzel - Tangled

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Smile Pretty Cure now on Netflix as Glitter Force

Magical girl fans looking for a new anime series being released in English rejoice! An English dub of "Smile Pretty Cure" titled "Glitter Force" by Saban has recently become a Netflix original series.  

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, the original Japanese Pretty Cure animes etc. then this is a show you should definitely check out! Many sites like Fuse have described Glitter Force as looking like a "Sailor Moon - Digimon hybrid".
Here is the catchy opening as performed by girl group Blush as well as the ending song for the dub: