Saturday, 8 August 2015

What Really Happened With Brock and Professor Ivy...

"Don't mention that name!" 

Since Brock came back mentally scarred from the Orange Islands in the Pokemon anime after he left for a season to stay with Professor Ivy there have been many many speculations as to what REALLY happened. We know Brock got dumped but there are some pretty amusing ideas as to what happened out there...
Disclaimer: Some may be NSFW

We've collated just a few of the more popular fan theories:

1. Professor Ivy is a Lesbian
Brock probably came onto her and then Professor Ivy admitted she's just not into guys.

2. Professor Ivy was having an affair with her husband 
One possible idea is that Professor Ivy was having an affair with her husband who later returned - possibly from a Pokemon journey of his own - and discovered Brock and well... a big fight broke out.

3. Brock Embarrassed Himself Somehow
There are many theories going around the internet that Brock somehow embarrassed himself (with theories ranging from not being able to get it up to saying something highly which accidentally offended Professor Ivy) and was dumped in that regard.

4. Professor Ivy is a Transsexual
One of the most bizarre theories is that Professor Ivy was originally a man who underwent gender re-assignment surgery and that this somehow put Brock off when they tried to uhhhhh "you know".

5. Things got too kinky for Brock to handle...
Professor Ivy may have whipped out the leather and chains and, well, it was waaaayyy too much for Brock who was probably hoping for something more vanilla.

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