Friday, 28 August 2015

Top 5 Worst Pokemon Designs

Some Pokemon look really cute and adorable whilst others look fierce and powerful... Unfortunately others look rather meh. It's often as if the artists got lazy and uninspired and turned to the nearest inanimate object and decided "let's turn it into a Pokemon".
Here are just some of the Pokemon designs that have often been described as the worst:

  1. Garbodor
    This Pokemon is rubbish...literally! OK I know there's also Trubbish but it is kinda cute. Garbador on the other hand...Nope...just nope!

  2. Spewpa
    "Spew"pa seems to have the word spew in it for a valid reason as it more or less resembles vomit - or that fake vomit stuff you probably used to buy as a kid.

  3. Probopass
    The evolution of Nosepass and it looks like someone just zapped Nosepass in some sort of fusion machine with Nigel Thornberry. Seriously, it wouldn't be soooo bad were it not for that really tacky looking moustache. Someone please shave this thing!
  4. Ditto
    Ditto may be a daycare breeding machine but let's face it - it ain't the prettiest Pokemon out there! It is basically a pink blob with a tacky face a two year old would probably be capable of drawing.

  5. Voltorb
    Voltorb is pretty much the next laziest Pokemon anyone could have possibly come up with. It is literally an exploding Pokeball with a pair of eyes. How much lazier can you get? Well besides having to draw Ditto...

What do you guys think? Any we've missed here? Any you disagree with or do you think we've covered them all?

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