Saturday, 29 August 2015

Shopaholic Sunday: Tasty Peach Studios!

If you love all things cute and Japanese inspired then you'll love Tasty Peach Studios! The American based business produces things like handmade toys, clothing, jewellery and more!

I myself camped out (due to timezones) a while back to pre-order myself a Halloween Vampire Bat Meowchi (they are just adorable!). I was really pleased because, not only was the toy incredibly cute, but it was well-made and shipping to Australia was timely!
As well as the Meowchi characters, there are a lot of other cute characters to choose from on Tasty Peach Studios including Nomwhal, Chirii, Tofusagi, Kyandi, Zombie Alpacas and more!

Tasty Peach Studios also offers a number of fashion wigs including these adorable Baby Doll wigs in various colours from blond, pink, purple and even a baby blue! These wigs are absolutely perfect for anyone who embraces styles such as lolita, pastel goth, living doll or just if you feel like wearing a wig for the hell of it.

If you love all things cute and Japanese kawaii inspired then you'll love shopping at Tasty Peach Studios and we highly recommend you check them out~

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