Monday, 9 March 2015

Your Blog Sucks and What You Can Do to Make It Not Suck

Welcome to my list of reasons why your blog sucks and how you can make it "not suck".
I am by no means saying this blog itself is a big hit (it's a relatively new blog which has generated a fair amount of interest and is slowly expanding itself) but I have nevertheless been asked how I managed to get people reading my blog so I thought I might compile a list with a few tips which I find work for me.

Know Your Audience!
Basically, have an idea of what you're writing and who you're writing for. Research your area of interest and tailor your presentation style to suit the demographic. There is nothing worse than a writer who can't engage with the audience and appears to be completely oblivious to the people they're writing to. If your blog covers a wide variety of different topics keep them related back to a central theme make good use of tags and headings for easy navigation.

Diaries are soooo yester-year
Chances are you're using your blog as a personal diary which is fine and all BUT sadly not very engaging. Most of your readers don't care where you went or what you ate unless you're someone famous like Lady Gaga and need something else to keep them coming back. Sure there's nothing wrong with 1-2 personal posts but don't make it the only thing on your blog. Write about what interests you alongside the things you did. Writing about what you did is the blogging equivalent of Instagramming too many selfies and lunch photos.

Get Tweeting!
Out of all the social media platforms, chances are most of the people who read blogs frequent Twitter the most. Retweets are also one of the best ways to spread your content around. I am aware most of my traffic comes from Twitter which is one of the reasons it is my social media platform of choice in regards to blogging.

Update Regularly
The more you write, the more people will have to read. If people see you're updating your blog regularly they're more likely to return to it. Aim for at least one update a fortnight if you find yourself on the busy side. Sometimes you may have a creative burst and write a lot all at once so instead of overwhelming readers with a sudden influx of new content, make use of the scheduling tool offered by many popular blogging platforms.

Submitting to search engines is one thing, but optimising search engine results to make your blog look enticing enough for people to click on and increasing your organic reach is another thing. Use catchy headings and descriptions and make good use of meta tags!

Hopefully these tips have been helpful and it would be interesting to know if I've missed anything. Fellow bloggers, care to share your secrets?

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