Saturday, 7 February 2015

Top Pokemon Spinoff Games

Besides being known for games such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, X, Y, etc. the Pokemon franchise has produced a number of fantastic games outside the main series and we conducted a survey of Pokemon fans in Melbourne, Australia, to pick their top five! Here are the top 5 results as determined by the survey:

Pokemon Conquest is a crossover game between Pokemon and Nobunaga's Ambition. The game performed extremely well in reviews with most critics giving it around the 9/10 mark and for good reason! The mashup of Pokemon with a turn based role-playing strategy games works well and thus it's no wonder this game turned out as fun and addictive as it did!

Wanted to play the Pokemon trading card game but couldn't afford to spend so much money on all the booster packs? Then this game was perfect for you! Pokemon TCG was not only a video game version of the Pokemon trading card game but also featured its own storyline. There was also a Pokemon TCG 2 which was only released in Japan.

3. POKEMON STADIUM 1&2 (Nintendo 64)
Pokemon battles in 3D! Back before 3DS these Nintendo 64 titles were quite big and also featured things such as an in-game Pokemon League and mini games for up to 4 players which were always a great way to entertain the guests. ie you could take a break from battling to race Rattata,

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team games were unique in the fact that in the games you got to play as Pokemon in a story where the Pokemon talked! You play as a human who got transformed into a Pokemon and have to play through various dungeons following on from the story. Additionally, whilst you start as one Pokemon it's possible to recruit more as you play.

1. POKEMON SNAP (Nintendo 64)
Pokemon Snap was a casual fun Pokemon game released for Nintendo 64 and it had a simple premise where you rode around taking pictures of Pokemon that just wandered around. Pokemon Snap was both a fun N64 game and also gave fans a whole new way to experience Pokemon. Definitely a Pokemon spinoff game which made catching Pokemon a snap!

...& that concludes the list of the top Pokemon spinoff list. Agree? Disagree? Would you have suggested a different top five? We would love for you to let us know what you thought. Feel free to leave us a comment here or through any of our social media outlets.

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