Thursday, 12 February 2015

Top Adventure Time Fan Theories

Adventure Time, the show that follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the dog nearly 1,000 years after The Great Mushroom War, gains more plot twists and weaves a more intricate storyline with each new episode. Here are some of the most popular fan theories that attempt to string together the show's plot line:

1.) The land of Ooo doesn't actually exist. Some fans believe that Finn was injured from the Mushroom War and slipped into a coma where he spends the rest of his life dreaming of Ooo, where he and his faithful dog companion, Jake, fight the mutants resulting from the mushroom bombs.

2.)  When Finn wished that the Lich had never existed, it transported him back in time to when the Mushroom War had began, erasing the Lich and supposedly stopping the mushroom bomb from ever dropping and creating the crater of the earth where Ooo would have existed.

3.) Susan Strong is Finn's mother who had lived underground for so long that she had forgotten that she even had a son.

4.) The episodes of Adventure Time are really Simon Petrikov's bedtime stories to a young Marceline that he tells to teach her useful life lessons, telling her stories about Marceline, the powerful vampire queen to instill confidence in her. Fans speculate that she distances herself from him when he becomes the Ice King because she wants to remember who he was when she met him.

5.) Princess Bubblegum doesn't allow herself to feel closer to Finn because she knows she may have to experiment on him someday and doesn't want to risk attachment.

6.) The Land of Ooo is predicted to be the next super continent to exist. Technology isn't as advanced as it should be at the time that it exists because most of if was wiped out during the war. The Ice King is said to be a main contributor to this, being an archaeologist. Most of what he refers to as "antient technology" will actually exist in a few thousand years.

7.) The Ice King is rumored to have accidentally killed Betty when he put on his crown and froze her.

8.) All of the magic that occurs is just a result of nuclear fallout's effects on Ooo's citizens.

9.) Marceline's father is rumored to have turned her into a vampire so that she could survive the Mushroom War.

10.) It's said that BMO was a normal boy before the war and is seen doing odd, human like things in "Five Short Graybles" because he longs to be a normal boy again.

And there you have it. The most speculated, whispered about rumors of the inhabitants of Ooo.

Leave your own theories and conclusions in the comments below.

(Written by Alice from coming soon!)

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