Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Reckless Emboar & Shell Armor Samurott Event Pokemon News

Following on from the Contrary Serperior Pokemon mystery gift event is the next Gen V starter with a hidden ability: Reckless Emboar. Whilst it was first available in Japan followed by Europe, rest of Asia and Australia, it should also be finally available as a North American release.

HA Emboar is easily obtainable if you have Pokemon Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire on 3DS and the steps are listed below (very similar to obtaining Contrary Serperior except for a different code)
How to Obtain Reckless Emboar
1. Select Mystery Gift from the Main Menu of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire
2. "Get with Code" and follow the prompts to connect your game to the internet (make sure you have a stable internet connection)
3. Enter POKEMON500 as the code and wait for the game to find you your mystery gift.

Voila! Collect your HA Emboar from the Delivery Girl in your nearest Pokemon Center. It should be at level 50 and have the hidden ability "Reckless".

Naturally, since Serperior and Emboar get an event and a hidden ability, Samurott is next right!? Correct! Samurott with the Shell Armor hidden ability comes out February 5th with more details on how to obtain it to come though POKEMON503 has been speculated whilst some say the Japanese distribution will be via CoroCoro. One way to find out is to try the code yourself after this date or wait for further information regarding how to obtain it.

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