Wednesday, 4 February 2015

5 Things You've Probably Asked Yourself When Watching a Magical Girl Anime

A lot of us here are probably reading this because we love anime of the magical girl/mahou shoujo genre, however even we can probably admit that despite the cuteness and epic outfits...a LOT of these animes have things in them which just don't make sense. In this list we've gathered some of the biggest questions you've probably asked yourself when watching some of your favourites such as Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and more!

  1. How do they know their attack names?
    Serious question! How exactly does a character know how to shout out some of the most random "attack names" ever!? Think "Moon Tiara Magic" or. Not once do you see any of the characters reading an instruction manual or being told exactly what to do. Seems it's some kind of magical instinct thing.
  2. Time Stopping During Transformations - couldn't the bad guy just kill them mid-transformation sequence?
    Epic transformation sequences are one of the signature things about the magical girl anime genre... However in the time it takes to transform into wouldn't it give the bad guys enough time to wipe them out? Unless somehow time magically stops during transformation or the bad guys are just standing there wondering exactly what is going in.
  3. Where do they get their catchphrase lines from?
    If you've watched a magical girl anime you'll notice in some they seem to know exactly what to say and the poses to do. Again, just with knowing their attack names and how to use their fancy cute new weapons, where does this knowledge come from?

  4. How do their outfits stay perfect and intact despite all the fighting?
    Glitter, skirts, ribbons, etc. Hardly what you'd call a fight outfit yet on a magical girl it's somehow more durable than the suit of armour the opponent is probably wearing. What kind of sorcery is this!?

  5. Does anyone else notice the talking animal/mythical creature sidekicks?
    Can anyone else hear them talk or find their presence suss? Sometimes you wonder. & also it sometimes surprises you how other characters, i.e. parents and siblings, never seem to find it suspicious when the main character suddenly has a new pet or stuffed animal.

& those are 5 things anyone who's watched a magical girl anime has probably wondered. If you have any more things you'd like to add to the list or just want to discuss things feel free to let us know.


  1. well the cat tells sailor moon to shout moon tiara magic

  2. well the cat tells sailor moon to shout moon tiara magic