Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Childhood Ruined: Dan Green (voice of Yugi from Yugioh) did Hentai!

For people who weren't already aware, Dan Green, the voice actor who voiced many of your favourite characters including Yugi and Yami Yugi in the 4kids English dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime has also been involved in some hentai&ecchi dubs, often credited under pseudonyms such as Tom Wilson.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Get Hoopa & Volcanion (& other Pokemon) Right Now With QR Code!

Tired of waiting for an event to finally come around so you can obtain the mythical Pokemon Hoopa and Volcanion!? Good news is you can wait no more as they're available right now thanks to a QR code exploit going around the internet! All you need is a copy of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and your 3DS. Apparently this may not work on the new 3DS but should work on all other 3DS systems. It would help if the 3DS browser was also cleared before beginning.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

5 Fashion Pieces For Any Legend of Zelda Fangirl

With the recent release of the Majora's Mask remake on Nintendo 3DS, what better the time to spoil yourself or someone one else with these Legend of Zelda themed must-haves for every Legend of Zelda fangirl (or boy) out there. Whether you're a die-hard Zelda fan or just wanting to make a fashion statement by adding a piece of Hyrule to your outfit then please continue reading.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Top Adventure Time Fan Theories

Adventure Time, the show that follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the dog nearly 1,000 years after The Great Mushroom War, gains more plot twists and weaves a more intricate storyline with each new episode. Here are some of the most popular fan theories that attempt to string together the show's plot line:

1.) The land of Ooo doesn't actually exist. Some fans believe that Finn was injured from the Mushroom War and slipped into a coma where he spends the rest of his life dreaming of Ooo, where he and his faithful dog companion, Jake, fight the mutants resulting from the mushroom bombs.

2.)  When Finn wished that the Lich had never existed, it transported him back in time to when the Mushroom War had began, erasing the Lich and supposedly stopping the mushroom bomb from ever dropping and creating the crater of the earth where Ooo would have existed.

3.) Susan Strong is Finn's mother who had lived underground for so long that she had forgotten that she even had a son.

4.) The episodes of Adventure Time are really Simon Petrikov's bedtime stories to a young Marceline that he tells to teach her useful life lessons, telling her stories about Marceline, the powerful vampire queen to instill confidence in her. Fans speculate that she distances herself from him when he becomes the Ice King because she wants to remember who he was when she met him.

5.) Princess Bubblegum doesn't allow herself to feel closer to Finn because she knows she may have to experiment on him someday and doesn't want to risk attachment.

6.) The Land of Ooo is predicted to be the next super continent to exist. Technology isn't as advanced as it should be at the time that it exists because most of if was wiped out during the war. The Ice King is said to be a main contributor to this, being an archaeologist. Most of what he refers to as "antient technology" will actually exist in a few thousand years.

7.) The Ice King is rumored to have accidentally killed Betty when he put on his crown and froze her.

8.) All of the magic that occurs is just a result of nuclear fallout's effects on Ooo's citizens.

9.) Marceline's father is rumored to have turned her into a vampire so that she could survive the Mushroom War.

10.) It's said that BMO was a normal boy before the war and is seen doing odd, human like things in "Five Short Graybles" because he longs to be a normal boy again.

And there you have it. The most speculated, whispered about rumors of the inhabitants of Ooo.

Leave your own theories and conclusions in the comments below.

(Written by Alice from coming soon!)

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Top Pokemon Spinoff Games

Besides being known for games such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, X, Y, etc. the Pokemon franchise has produced a number of fantastic games outside the main series and we conducted a survey of Pokemon fans in Melbourne, Australia, to pick their top five! Here are the top 5 results as determined by the survey:

Pokemon Conquest is a crossover game between Pokemon and Nobunaga's Ambition. The game performed extremely well in reviews with most critics giving it around the 9/10 mark and for good reason! The mashup of Pokemon with a turn based role-playing strategy games works well and thus it's no wonder this game turned out as fun and addictive as it did!

Wanted to play the Pokemon trading card game but couldn't afford to spend so much money on all the booster packs? Then this game was perfect for you! Pokemon TCG was not only a video game version of the Pokemon trading card game but also featured its own storyline. There was also a Pokemon TCG 2 which was only released in Japan.

3. POKEMON STADIUM 1&2 (Nintendo 64)
Pokemon battles in 3D! Back before 3DS these Nintendo 64 titles were quite big and also featured things such as an in-game Pokemon League and mini games for up to 4 players which were always a great way to entertain the guests. ie you could take a break from battling to race Rattata,

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team games were unique in the fact that in the games you got to play as Pokemon in a story where the Pokemon talked! You play as a human who got transformed into a Pokemon and have to play through various dungeons following on from the story. Additionally, whilst you start as one Pokemon it's possible to recruit more as you play.

1. POKEMON SNAP (Nintendo 64)
Pokemon Snap was a casual fun Pokemon game released for Nintendo 64 and it had a simple premise where you rode around taking pictures of Pokemon that just wandered around. Pokemon Snap was both a fun N64 game and also gave fans a whole new way to experience Pokemon. Definitely a Pokemon spinoff game which made catching Pokemon a snap!

...& that concludes the list of the top Pokemon spinoff list. Agree? Disagree? Would you have suggested a different top five? We would love for you to let us know what you thought. Feel free to leave us a comment here or through any of our social media outlets.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

HA Evolved Johto Starters Coming Soon for Pokemon Bank Users!

Users of PokeBank will soon be able to get exclusive evolved forms of the Johto starters - Feraligatr, Meganium and Typhlosion - complete with their own special hidden abilities via a new distribution event. These Pokemon will be available across Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so if you haven't gotten the new games yet don't despair! & If you haven't yet signed up for Pokemon Bank this is probably a good time to do so.

According to the information provided on and

"Meganium's Leaf Guard Hidden Ability protects the Pokémon from status conditions when sunlight is harsh or extremely harsh. Plus, this Meganium knows the move Sunny Day, allowing it to take advantage of its own Ability!

Typhlosion has the Flash Fire Hidden Ability, which powers up Fire-type moves by 50% and prevents this Pokémon from taking damage from Fire-type moves. With three strong Fire-type moves already in its arsenal, Typhlosion can make the most of Flash Fire in battle.

Feraligatr's Sheer Force Hidden Ability eliminates the additional effects of this Pokémon's attacks, but they will do an additional 30% damage instead. This Feraligatr knows three moves that have additional effects: Ice Punch, Crunch, and Waterfall. They won't cause their additional effect, but they'll all do huge damage!

To receive these three Pokémon, players need to use Pokémon Link in their copy of Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby, or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire after they have accessed Pokémon Bank using one of these games. Note that each Pokémon Bank account will be able to receive these three Pokémon only once."

If you use Pokemon Bank you'll be able to get these Pokemon starting from February 27th, 2015 though expect more information to come. If you don't use Pokemon Bank but want to sign up and start doing so click here for more information on how to sign up for and download Pokemon Bank on Nintendo 3DS.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

5 Things You've Probably Asked Yourself When Watching a Magical Girl Anime

A lot of us here are probably reading this because we love anime of the magical girl/mahou shoujo genre, however even we can probably admit that despite the cuteness and epic outfits...a LOT of these animes have things in them which just don't make sense. In this list we've gathered some of the biggest questions you've probably asked yourself when watching some of your favourites such as Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and more!

  1. How do they know their attack names?
    Serious question! How exactly does a character know how to shout out some of the most random "attack names" ever!? Think "Moon Tiara Magic" or. Not once do you see any of the characters reading an instruction manual or being told exactly what to do. Seems it's some kind of magical instinct thing.
  2. Time Stopping During Transformations - couldn't the bad guy just kill them mid-transformation sequence?
    Epic transformation sequences are one of the signature things about the magical girl anime genre... However in the time it takes to transform into wouldn't it give the bad guys enough time to wipe them out? Unless somehow time magically stops during transformation or the bad guys are just standing there wondering exactly what is going in.
  3. Where do they get their catchphrase lines from?
    If you've watched a magical girl anime you'll notice in some they seem to know exactly what to say and the poses to do. Again, just with knowing their attack names and how to use their fancy cute new weapons, where does this knowledge come from?

  4. How do their outfits stay perfect and intact despite all the fighting?
    Glitter, skirts, ribbons, etc. Hardly what you'd call a fight outfit yet on a magical girl it's somehow more durable than the suit of armour the opponent is probably wearing. What kind of sorcery is this!?

  5. Does anyone else notice the talking animal/mythical creature sidekicks?
    Can anyone else hear them talk or find their presence suss? Sometimes you wonder. & also it sometimes surprises you how other characters, i.e. parents and siblings, never seem to find it suspicious when the main character suddenly has a new pet or stuffed animal.

& those are 5 things anyone who's watched a magical girl anime has probably wondered. If you have any more things you'd like to add to the list or just want to discuss things feel free to let us know.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Reckless Emboar & Shell Armor Samurott Event Pokemon News

Following on from the Contrary Serperior Pokemon mystery gift event is the next Gen V starter with a hidden ability: Reckless Emboar. Whilst it was first available in Japan followed by Europe, rest of Asia and Australia, it should also be finally available as a North American release.

HA Emboar is easily obtainable if you have Pokemon Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire on 3DS and the steps are listed below (very similar to obtaining Contrary Serperior except for a different code)
How to Obtain Reckless Emboar
1. Select Mystery Gift from the Main Menu of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire
2. "Get with Code" and follow the prompts to connect your game to the internet (make sure you have a stable internet connection)
3. Enter POKEMON500 as the code and wait for the game to find you your mystery gift.

Voila! Collect your HA Emboar from the Delivery Girl in your nearest Pokemon Center. It should be at level 50 and have the hidden ability "Reckless".

Naturally, since Serperior and Emboar get an event and a hidden ability, Samurott is next right!? Correct! Samurott with the Shell Armor hidden ability comes out February 5th with more details on how to obtain it to come though POKEMON503 has been speculated whilst some say the Japanese distribution will be via CoroCoro. One way to find out is to try the code yourself after this date or wait for further information regarding how to obtain it.

Interview With A Cosplayer: Some Crazy Mango Cosplay

It's been a while since I've posted up another cosplayer interview but today's interview is with our first male cosplayer: Aaron who also goes by the name of "Some Crazy Mango Cosplay". He's 27 years old, has a corporate bank job and enjoys gaming and cosplay in his spare time. His top three Final Fantasy games are VII, VIII and X and he also enjoys reading manga and watching anime. We chatted to Aaron about cosplay in Australia, Melbourne in particular as well

First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start? 
I like to cosplay as it allows me to break free of my corporate work life style and step into a world of imagination I love portraying a character and I try my very best to bring that character to life and do it justice. I’ve always wanted to cosplay as I have attended many Cons and love and always amazing and the quality of the costumes and seeing characters you recognise is always a good thing, I just never really had the confidence to do until Armageddon 2013 where I cosplayed as Squall from FFVIII. I just decided to do it and go with the flow and have not regretted a single moment of cosplaying now

What was the first convention you cosplayed at? Who did you dress up as and how did it feel being out and about in costume for the first time?
The first con I cosplayed at was Armageddon 2013. I did Squall from FFVIII and at first it felt a little weird and people were looking at me, but I got over that and just enjoyed my time. I really wish I had put a little more into the costume as I just threw together what I had but in the end it turned out great. And from that I was able to meet a lot of cosplayers

What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay? 
In 2014 I cosplayed as Raiden from the Mortal Kombat series at Supanova just one day
I didn’t actually attend OCC which was disappointing but I was in San Deigo at the time so I can’t complain. Then at Arma 2014 I cosplayed as Ezio from Assassins Creed and Sol Badguy. I think Arma both days has been my highlight so far as I did a team up with two other AC cosplayers and there was so many photos taken. And when I did Sol I wasn’t expecting many people to know the character as its from a little know video game series called Guilty Gear, but to my surprise I got a lot of photo requests and people knew the character. My future plans for cosplay this year are Supernova I will be part of a diablo 3 group where I will be the badass demon hunter on Saturday and on Sunday I will be the Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m so proud and happy of those two cosplaays as the demon hunter as my first time using EVA foam and I had no help and my Dark Magician just looks amazing. And I will finally be doing some League of Legends cosplays this year when I do Lucain the Purifier and Twisted Fate the Cardmaster. I just do video game character that I enjoy to use. So for me when choosing a character it has to be one that I can see my self as in the game.

Since you're the first male cosplayer interviewed, have you noticed any gender imbalances within cosplay? ie does it seem to be primarily a "girl thing" or are many guys also involved?
I actually know a lot of Male cosplayers but you do find that the female ones seem to get more of the attention. Which I’m OK with unless the ones taking photos are being creeping about it. In my group of cosplay friends we have a good mix of male and female and we all just look out for each other. But as I said there are a lot more female cosplayers that are noticed over some males

Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
When I decide to do a character I will research like crazy! I try to find as many reference pictures possible and I will research the character as well to get more info on them try to learn some of their moves and stands/poses so I’m ready for photos. I think for the Lucian guns I researched for like 3 weeks to find some good photos and even then it was hard. I'm just glad I had a mate like Pheel Good Cosplay help me and teach me how to make them.

What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay? 
Hmm this is a tricky one. I'm not sure if I have an answer for that

Do you find cosplay to be costly? If so, what aspects of it would you consider the costliest and have you thought of ways to save money?
Cosplay to me is either costly or it isn’t. For example I once used Worbla which cost like $100 for a massive sheet and I needed two sheets to finish the cos off. But now I use EVA foam which is like $12 for a pack of four. It all depends on what materials you are using I guess.

"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter? 
I'm all for this movement; nothing I cant stand more than creeps trying to touch females in general let alone those in cosplay. I know in Armageddon I was with a friend who was in a revealing outfit and I was always like a metre away from her when she was getting photos just in case. But that’s the good thing about the cosplay community here in Melbourne, we all look out for each other. And the way I see it is - if you wouldn’t do it normally in public why do it to some one in a cosplay? So hands off!

In relation to the "Lara Croft Fridge Raider" incident, what are your thoughts on cosplayers who cosplay "outside their body type"? Do you think body type often plays a role in choosing who to cosplay or how others perceive someone's cosplay?
I say if your confident enough then why not cosplay as you feel. No matter what you do people will talk. So as I said if your confident then do it. And good on you for doing it. It takes a lot of courage to cosplay outside your body type.

How do you feel cosplay has evolved, particularly throughout Australia, over the last decade? ie do you think it's gained more or less popularity and acceptance and why do you think this is.
Most definitely cosplay as grown here in Australia! You just gotta look at the number of people now cosplaying at cons! It;s amazing! Not to mention everyone loves getting photos with people in cosplay.

Your cosplay page is "Some Crazy Mango Cosplay"... how did you come up with this name?
Well my personal nickname is Mango so the part was easy to come up with. I know I just felt like doing something random and crazy which is what I do often. So when I thought up the name I was like "hell yeah that is perfect for me".

If things such as money, time, and any physical limitations ie sewing skills were not a problem and you could cosplay anyone or anything... who would you cosplay?
Zero from the Megaman X series. The dude is badass to a T

& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about cosplaying
The chances to meet and make new friends, learn of each other and the interactions we have.

Thank you to Aaron (Some Crazy Mango Cosplay) for taking part in the interview~

For more info on Aaron and to follow his work in progress feel free to give Some Crazy Mango Cosplay a like on Facebook:
Some Crazy Mango Cosplay on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @