Friday, 30 January 2015

Thank You! (& Other Updates 1/15)

I have been overwhelmed with all the feedback I've received for this blog and as such intend to try my hardest to keep it going when I resume university classes and work! Consequently this will probably mean less frequent posting but I am going to aim for a set monthly update target nevertheless and I am also going to have some assistant writers aka "droids" writing things such as reviews for me since I'm shifting to focus more on interviews and polls/humour once university starts again (I am currently doing some university paperwork so aware the updates have slowed a bit lately).

For our game review segment one of the people joining us will be Jordanwts who has kindly agreed to review some games for me every now and then, starting off with Dying Light. Sadly, as he is playing the PC version and there were some problems still awaiting a fix relating to the frame rate dropping to around 25fps, the review may be slightly delayed.
Additionally we still have a number of interviews currently on the way with the next Cosplayer Feature to be on Aaron ("Some Crazy Mango Cosplay") and we are in the process of arranging an interview with the cast and director to discuss an upcoming Melbourne-based steampunk webseries called Upstairs (click here for the official site). The series has some rather talented Australians on board and they are currently running a crowdfunder to get started which I urge you to check out and donate to in the meantime :)
Crowdfunder and more information can be found here:

In terms of the blog itself, I have been playing around with the layout a fair bit as I am thinking that instead of a purely personal blog I want to branch out into being a general entertainment one, especially considering I am currently in the process of recruiting content writers to contribute to regular upcoming segments. Additionally, I am opting to soon purchase a more professional sounding domain name although I am still tossing between a simple ".com" or a "". 

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