Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Pokemon Theory

I think of a lot of crazy things in the shower and sometimes they are so crazy seeming that I have to write them down and this is just one of those things. I've been playing waaayyy too much Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire lately and as such I've started pondering things like "what exactly are Pokemon?", "Where do they come from?", "How does this fit into the grand scheme of things and evolution?". Well this is the crazy idea I came up with and I decided to share it here for you to read and ponder (or think me crazy since I am clearly just over-thinking things about a children's game franchise). Nevertheless I have decided to write this down purely for some fun and entertainment and possibly even some discussions on how it fits into being canon (or not). Enjoy~

Firstly, I always see Pokémon to be set many many many years into the future... so far into the future that the world as we know it today no longer exists and is instead by the regions of the Pokémon universe (which bears faint resemblance of the areas of world of today). As these regions evolved from existing continents I believe Pokémon would have diverged in a similar manner to the ideas put forward by real life evolution theories based on things like favourable climates/conditions and thus there are many different Pokémon native to different regions.

Secondly, I've seen many theories of Pokémon having an underlying post-apocalyptic backstory & I feel like expanding on that. I feel Pokémon were originally created by Gamefreak sometime in the future when technology and AI became advanced enough to enable such things. They were originally made by the demand of future Pokémon fans who wanted to own their own Pokémon as seen in the games and were essentially like wild animals so real Pokéballs also had to be made to control such things. However, one day something went wrong, particularly when more powerful & legendary Pokémon started to be produced. Artificial intelligence at this point had been perfected to the level the Pokemon were capable of free thought & thus they ended up proving far too powerful for "Trainers" to contain & proceeded to use their powers to wreak havoc upon the world & the world as we know it ceased to exist.

There were scarce survivors save for some members of GameFreak who were able to use their knowledge to survive these events, scientists and a few people who were lucky enough to take cover as the world as we know it was destroyed. One of the things GameFreak would have first had to do is invest some of their money into establishing Pokemon research facilities, hiring and training Pokemon researchers and implementing technology designed purely for the purpose of capturing and studying Pokemon.
Most of the technology Gamefreak implemented was lost and at first was re-made in crude forms & other antiquated Pokéball designs eventually made way for the modern Pokéballs which became commonplace in the Pokémon world. Notice how in some aspects of Pokemon technology seems advanced whilst it lags behind in other areas? This is because technology in the Pokemon world would have emerged based on existing technologies of the past world and evolved around the purpose of being able to capture & study Pokemon and restore humanity to its former numbers. The Pokédex is likely empty because most knowledge of Pokémon would have been lost since Pokémon were last created and studied.
The idea that Pokemon were products of artificial intelligence has some as evidence to support it provided by the existence of HMs/TMs in the games. In the games these are essentially programmable movesets with CD shaped icons. Why else would they be shaped as CDs if Pokemon weren't bits of data themselves?
Moving on, what about "gyms"? Doesn't it seem a bit odd that there are just random Pokemon trainers scattered throughout a region and you battle them just to obtain a badge? One suggestion could be that these gym leaders were employed in order prevent the crisis which wiped out most of humankind by giving out badges as a licence to worthy trainers which allow them to train Pokemon of greater strength based on their ability as a trainer. Each gym leader is thus employed by the Pokemon League division of Game Freak to test trainers for the purpose of determining their ability and whether or not they should be allowed to train Pokemon of a higher level. Additionally, the appointment of the Elite 4 acts similarly in testing a trainer's skills BUT the Elite 4 would likely also serve a role as protectors/guardians of each regions to keep stronger Pokemon in check and protect weaker trainers and non-Pokemon training citizens. 

But where does Pokemon training originate from and why are young children being sent off on Pokémon journeys? Well soon after Game Freak and a few survivors were left and decided to try capture the Pokémon and reclaim humanity's position in the world they realised it was too big a task, that Pokemon were too powerful and multiplying in number, so they had to do something and as such they would have decided to make themselves and their children the first Pokémon trainers and eventually the idea of training and battling Pokémon would have passed from generation to generation and become the normal way of life. "Weak" Pokémon were seen as easier to handle for beginners and children so they became predominantly handed over to children as something of a coming-of-age rite. 

& what about the Pokemon Master concept? Has it got to do with catching them all or being the strongest trainer? I believe if you look at the Pokemon world how I write about it here it would be both: to catch and learn about them all BUT to be able to control and defend against against even the strongest.

I think I'll leave this theory here at the idea that Pokémon are actually artificial intelligence of the far future, and that the game we play is a glimpse into the world of the future (All just a theory!). I could expand upon this theory in greater lengths but might leave it the topic of future blogs and comments. What are people's opinions? Have you got any different ideas? 

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  1. Very interesting read and very plausible theory about the pokemon universe. (y)