Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pokémon Battle: Sylveon Vs Umbreon

Recently I decided to host a plushie giveaway to celebrate this blog's one month anniversary and in the giveaway I decided to put some Eeveelution theme Pokemon plushies up for grabs.
Based on feedback I've received across both Twitter and Facebook, however, I noticed that two Eeveelutions in particular were distinct fan favourites: Sylveon & Umbreon.
(pic bluekiss131 @ Deviantart)
Soooo... due to the popularity of these two I decided to do a second plushie giveaway for the fan favourite and the winner was decided to be...

Rules are simple and entry is free:

Facebook users - simple "like" Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep and follow the instructions in this post

Twitter users - Follow the instructions here 

Best of luck~

Disagree with the decision? Have another favourite? Let us know and we will take it into consideration for any future giveaways! 

Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite Eeveelution and/or your pick out of fairy type Sylveon and dark type Umbreon~

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