Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Gamer Feature: Miss Bunnie Bell

Today we're joined by "Miss Bunnie Bell", a 28 year-old online gamer and self-confessed geek who likes to stream her online gameplay videos via video sharing sites such as YouTube or Twitch from Oklahoma, United States.
She also often likes to include games played with her friends in her livestreams and whilst the people who appear on her channel are from different states, they all have known each other face to face for years and some have even known each other since grade school.
Bunnie chatted to us about her love for gaming and a few social issues in the gaming community and here's what she had to say:

First of all, what do you like most about gaming and how did you get into it?
Video Games have always been a part of my life. My mom and dad are gamer geeks as well. Growing up I remember nights they would let us stay up late to watch them play toejam and earl. Now, my dad is a completionist and loves games like God of War and Assassins Creed. Mom is a k-pop addict who plays anything she can get her hands on. Me, I have always enjoyed playing PC games as my brother and dad would hog the console growing up. I love how video games were a family thing even though we were broke growing up so it gave us great memories! And, even now,  its a social thing that brings me and my family/friends closer together!

What motivated you to start livestreaming video games and making a YouTube channel?
I'm sure anyone who has seen one of my videos can tell I don't have the best memory. Sollex (My fiance) would ask what I was doing to make me giggle so much and I honestly couldn't remember so I started recording because my friends make me laugh so much i wanted to preserve those memories. When I noticed others taking interest in my little channel we thought it would be fun to expand our little gaming circle and livestream to play with others and share the giggles!

What kind of games do you most like to play and what are some of your favourite titles?
Depending on my mood I play diffrent games. I tend to bounce between a few titles at a time. I don't play many FPS or Horror games though. My favorite Games/Series include Fable, Elder scrolls, Saints Row, Final Fantasy, Don't Starve, and a bunch more!

There is frequent debate over PC vs Console (PC Master Race!), which do you prefer to play on? Do you have a favourite console?
I prefer to play PC as I didn't get to play the console much (as I've said before) but one of my favorite games (Fable II) was console only so If I had to pick a console I would pick Xbox. Heck, I use an Xbox controller on my PC!

What is your reaction to old people who are likely to tell you things such as "video games are only for kids"?
Being raised in the house I was... I honestly never came across this. Even my grandparents enjoy games now and again. So I suppose those who said that just find enjoyment in other things or haven't tried video games. It's a wonderful escape from the daily stresses of life!

"Violent video games are linked to violent behaviour". What is your view on this statement?
The people who believe that tend to forget the folks/kids who commit horrible acts (such as school shootings) were disturbed individuals. They just happened to play video games as well. They don't see all the folks who play the same games and don't commit crimes. Its kind of like saying every house that burns down has a sink in them. The sinks must be the cause of the fire! Video games are such common place in todays society they are in practically everyone's houses now. Using them as an excuse for violence is not only sad but keeps people from finding the real reason the individual was disturbed!

On the subject of the gaming community and the recent "Gamergate" controversy, how prevalent do you see sexism to be in the gaming community on a day-to-day basis? 
Well I'm not terribly knowledgable about Gamergate controversy but I do know a bit about the sexist side of things. I have been playing WoW since vanilla and any gal who plays WoW knows that if there is any hint that you're a girl in game you hear the "Girls dont exist on WoW" or "she must be super fat and ugly to play WoW" or the Sugar daddies who want to run you through stuff and give you gear if you dance your naked pixelated ass around for them >.< You just kinda learn to ignore it and move on. It used to bug me a lot but it's "whatever" now I guess. Sexism exists everywhere and guys treat gaming (especially WoW) like a gentlemans' club and are so shocked when a woman is found among their "elite" that they have to beat it down and chase it away

& finally: how did you choose your gamertag?
This is the easiest question as I answer it so often. Bunnie is the name my family and friends call me. I was the 4th Elizabeth in my family (same first, middle and last name) so we all have nicknames. Since I was brought home in a VW rabbit my nickname is Bunnie. Bell is a nickname that was added on by a friend since she had two people she knew named Bunnie and I always have a bell on me. (I like to jingle!). Miss is just something Puppy calls me. :P

Thank you so much Bunnie Bell for having a chat with us!~

If you're interested in finding out more and watching Miss Bunnie in action check out the following links:
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