Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cosplayer Feature: Zenith Cosplay

Angelica, known by the name "Zenith Cosplay", is a cosplayer, cat-lover and student from Victoria, Australia who has kindly agreed to take part in a short interview for Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep. She makes all her costumes herself and has become quite well-known in Melbourne's ever-expanding yet close-knit cosplay community. Currently she's been hard at work putting together her Dark Magician Girl cosplay for an upcoming convention but she was still able to answer for us a few questions.
First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start and what was your first cosplay?
Cosplaying is a fun hobby that I've taken up out of boredom for enjoyment. I first cosplayed at PAX a few years back as I had a Harley Quinn costume from my old job and thought "why not?".

What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay? 
I choose characters based on how much I like them and their outfit, and I prefer more evil characters. I've done Harley Quinn, Dark Magician Girl, Duela Dent and many more!

Out of all the cosplays you've done up to now: Which one is your favourite?
Probably Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) as it's such an awesome outfit

Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
With planning I just write a list of stuff I'll need for it, order stuff from ebay as delivery is three weeks+ and then I usually start sewing as soon as I have the material. It can take between two weeks to a month to complete a costume.

What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay?
Weather and comfort: if it's too hot then you overheat but, in other costumes, if it's too cold you will freeze to death!

"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter?
I think it’s a really big issue that needs to be addressed. Sexual harassment has been a problem for years and guys are just trying to come up with excuses for their horrible behaviour, e.g. ‘its not my fault she was wearing that’. There needs to be more rules/enforcers around conventions to help prevent sexual harassment and even go as far as banning people who have offended more than once.

Related to the previous question, what are your thoughts on cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri who are known to incorporate sex appeal into cosplay? 
I personally love Jessica Nigri as she puts tons of work into making her costumes and she seems like a fun bubbly person. Jessica should be able to express herself however she likes!

& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about cosplaying?
Being able to dress up in awesome costumes and be another character for a day, and plus meeting other cosplayers is awesome!! Love all the new friends I've made

Thank you so much for taking part in the interview~ 

For further details and to keep up to date with Angelica's cosplays you can like her Facebook page:
Zenith Cosplay on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @

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