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Cosplayer Feature: MoogleMini

After my first interview with Zenith Cosplay I've received interest from other cosplayers regarding an interview spot on my blog and pleased to say that we have another cosplayer from Melbourne, Australia with us. Presenting Mini Webb aka "MoogleMini", a twenty-one year-old cheerleading coach - when out of costume - who's studied photography, loves video games and cats and has kindly agreed to have a chat with us about her cosplaying hobby!
First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start and what was your first cosplay?
Honestly, if there's any opportunity to get dressed up in a costume - I'll take it! Cosplay was just the best way for me to dress up as who I wanted to be from video games and other awesome pop culture things. I loved it from the start and my love just grows and grows as i improve my skills and make more costumes. The first cosplay I ever did was Amane Misa from Death Note.
What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay?
I generally choose to cosplay anyone whose costume I love. When i love a costume the character goes on my list (which has about 70+ cosplays) and then, when I feel it's appropriate, it's scheduled into the convention year for wearing. these plans often change, especially when a friend tells me of their plans... if i have a costume of my list from the same series I will probably be tempted to make it and wear it with them.
For this year I've got planned a formal Charizard Gajinka for the cosplay formal, Saria from Ocarina of Time with a friend who is cosplaying Link and some others such as Sage Naruko and maybe another Charizard for PAXAUS.
Out of all the cosplays you've done up to now: Which one is your favourite?
This question is too hard! I really love wearing my Witch King of Angmar helmet everywhere... but I've got a special place in my heart for my Arkham City Harley Quinn costume. It's probably the first serious cosplay I've ever done and I'm immensely proud of it (though it's currently on hiatus to encourage me to make more this year).
Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
In the early days of my costume crush I'd collect as many screenshots and images of the costume just to drool over it... It's after that I break down the costume into parts and plan out how it'll work. When making a cosplay I tend to just make it all u
p as I go along based on the pictures I've seen...this doesn't always work... maybe one day I will learn to plan more!
What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay?For me I feel it's the trial of making something that works in fantasy but doesn't work in reality... some of those fabrics, patterns, weapons and hair styles are totally crazy! I wish reality was like that!
"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter?
It's really important for con-goers and especially cosplayers to feel safe and the Cosplay is not Consent campaign is working for a safe and enjoyable con experience for everyone. The fact that it has to exist makes me a bit sad but unfortunately there is always some to ruin it for others.
Related to the previous question, what are your thoughts on cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri who are known to incorporate sex appeal into cosplay?
Personally, I'm a huge fan of Jessica Nigri. I love how passionate she is about what she does and how much she seems to enjoy it. In my opinion she loves what she's doing and loves sharing her love with the world.
& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about cosplaying?
To me cosplay is the combination of two of my favourite things in the world pop culture and dressing up... the fact that cosplay is a "thing" is probably my favourite thing about it.
Thanks to Mini of MoogleMini for participating :)
For more info and her cosplay portfolio feel free to check out her Facebook page:
MoogleMini Cosplay

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @

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