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Cosplayer Feature: Brittney Lee Cosplay

Whilst many of the cosplayers who've been featured so far already have quite an extensive portfolio in cosplay, 18-year old Brittney Lee (from Australia) is a newer cosplayer who besides cosplay has interests in fashion and SFX makeup which she is planning on starting a YouTube channel about. We had a chat to Brittney and she spoke to us of some of her cosplay inspirations and idols. Fun fact: We also found out that alongside her interests her three other favourite things are cats, anime and pizza!

First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start? 
Brittney: I started off by watching anime and I got curious by the whole cosplay thing so I joined the Melbourne cosplay community group. I was so inspired by all the work on there and decided to give a go! I cosplay because you get to bring a character to life and seeing peoples faces light up when they see you in character makes it really rewarding.

What was the first convention you cosplayed at? Who did you dress up as and how did it feel being out and about in costume for the first time?
Brittney: My very first cosplay was Super Sonico Armageddon expo in 2014. It was really exciting experience overall, being on public transport in costume is pretty entertaining to say the least.

What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay? 
Brittney: My first costume was Super Sonico as I just said and my next cosplay is Baby Doll from Sucker Punch for Supanova. They are two of my favourite characters costumes and personality wise and I relate to them in one way or another so I feel I could slip into character well so that's how I decide who to cosplay.

Out of all the cosplays you've done up to now: Which one is your favourite?
Brittney: I have only done one cosplay so far which was Super Sonico. It was really fun but it was a sort of last minute costume and I feel I could do better so I want to do a different version in the future. However I am extremely excited to cosplay Baby Doll in March I can already tell that will be my favourite!

Do you look up and or admire any other cosplayers? If so, list them and tell us why.
Brittney: Chibi Mage & Koneko-Chan, Erza - Cosplay, Jessica Nigri, Moggle Mini, Zeek and Mistzy are all people I look up to. There are many more but those the ones who come to mind. They are all so talented and I really enjoy looking at their work!

Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
Brittney: Firstly it depends if you buy or make your own costumes. Either way you have to start off with writing a list of things you will need, approximate prices and where you may need to order things from. If you have to order things from overseas such as China you will generally need to purchase these things first since they can take up to a month to arrive. It is best to give your self at least 3 months so you are prepared for problems such as the wrong size, items not arriving or your wig being the wrong colour.

What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay?
Brittney: One thing I have found is really popular cosplays such as Sailor Moon everything seems to be readily available but less known cosplays it is harder to come by certain accessories or costumes even. Also the cost of things can be a little challenging so you have to know how to manage your money when it comes to dealing with bills as well as costumes.

How do friends and family view your Cosplaying hobby? Have you ever had any awkward encounters with friends and/or family members or even the general public?
Brittney: My family are fine with cosplaying, I think they generally enjoy seeing the outcome and the photos that come with it. The general public on the other hand: if people don't know about the conventions or anything about cosplay and you are walking around town in a cosplay you can get some odd looks and you can see peoples minds literally ticking over trying to figure it out haha!

Do you find cosplay to be costly? If so, what aspects of it would you consider the costliest and have you thought of ways to save money?
Brittney: Cosplay can be very costly the costumes often cost more than wigs and contacts etc. The best way I've learnt how to overcome this is buy the accessories a week at a time and put aside money to buy the biggest bulk of it which for me is usually the costume and shoes. A better way to save money is to make the costumes yourself (depending on what it is) assuming you already have the appropriate skill level and resources such as a sewing machine.

"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter? 
Brittney: Personally I don't think this shouldn't even be an issue and it is ridiculous that we have to spell it out for people. Both clothing and costumes alike, revealing or not it doesn't give people the right to automatically assume they have consent. We all know there are a lot of characters out there with 'revealing' costumes and they can have brilliant personalities that make you want to cosplay them and people shouldn't have to be afraid to wear them so people don't get the wrong idea.

In relation to the "Lara Croft Fridge Raider" incident, what are your thoughts on cosplayers who cosplay "outside their body type"? Do you think body type often plays a role in choosing who to cosplay or how others perceive someone's cosplay?
Brittney: I haven't actually heard of this incident until now. Last time I checked Cosplaying isn't a modelling agency, you don't have to be 170cm tall and you don't have to be a size 8. Cosplaying is a hobby and it is about bringing a character to life and enjoying yourself in the process. Body type and skin colour shouldn't matter at all. If you are a size 18 and want to be Misty from Pokémon: go for it! As long as you are comfortable and are happy with it then don't let it stop you. Cosplay isn't a competition so stay true to yourself.

& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about Cosplaying?
Brittney: The thing I love about Cosplaying is the atmosphere and being surrounded by people who have similar interests and everyone is so supportive of each other. It really is a great community to be apart of and I'm glad I came across it.

Thank you to Brittney for stopping by for a chat~

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