Thursday, 15 January 2015

Brand Feature: Rage On!

I know I probably have given the impression that this blog is solely Pokemon related and that I solely write Pokemon articles so to vary things up a bit, I think I'll feature a clothing company this blog, Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep, also happens to be sponsored by (& if you make it to the end I think you'll all admit I have the best coupon "code" ever~)
Rage On is perhaps one of the world's biggest online shops specialising in all-over prints of all your favourite cartoons, movies, games, you name it! Whether it's sweat shirts, singlets, mugs, towels or just t-shirts... Rage On is sure to have an epic all-over graphic print featuring one of your favourite characters / movies / games, something funny or a combination. Even if you're not into geeky things there's prints featuring things like cats and other stuff so they cater to a wider audience as well.
& whilst some items are on the pricier side, Rage On offers free shipping for orders over $150 and often has sales where you can nab something awesome for a cheap sale price such as these Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon tshirts/tank tops which are currently discounted :)
Many of the designs are handmade/designed by designers associated with Rage On so there is also a wide variety of styles available and other products including things like Statue of David underwear. Some of my personal favourite designs include but are not limited to (click to enlarge):

...Not to mention the entire collection by 8 Bit which was clearly made with us gamers in mind.
So what are you waiting for!? Whether it's to spoil yourself or someone you love get your hands on some Rage On gear today!

Special offer: Enter the coupon code "ROIDRAGE" at the checkout and grab yourself a 10% discount off items (includes items on sale!)

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