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Thank You! (& Other Updates 1/15)

I have been overwhelmed with all the feedback I've received for this blog and as such intend to try my hardest to keep it going when I resume university classes and work! Consequently this will probably mean less frequent posting but I am going to aim for a set monthly update target nevertheless and I am also going to have some assistant writers aka "droids" writing things such as reviews for me since I'm shifting to focus more on interviews and polls/humour once university starts again (I am currently doing some university paperwork so aware the updates have slowed a bit lately).

For our game review segment one of the people joining us will be Jordanwts who has kindly agreed to review some games for me every now and then, starting off with Dying Light. Sadly, as he is playing the PC version and there were some problems still awaiting a fix relating to the frame rate dropping to around 25fps, the review may be slightly delayed.
Additionally we still have a number of interviews currently on the way with the next Cosplayer Feature to be on Aaron ("Some Crazy Mango Cosplay") and we are in the process of arranging an interview with the cast and director to discuss an upcoming Melbourne-based steampunk webseries called Upstairs (click here for the official site). The series has some rather talented Australians on board and they are currently running a crowdfunder to get started which I urge you to check out and donate to in the meantime :)
Crowdfunder and more information can be found here:

In terms of the blog itself, I have been playing around with the layout a fair bit as I am thinking that instead of a purely personal blog I want to branch out into being a general entertainment one, especially considering I am currently in the process of recruiting content writers to contribute to regular upcoming segments. Additionally, I am opting to soon purchase a more professional sounding domain name although I am still tossing between a simple ".com" or a "". 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Anime Review: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (also known by the Japanese title 美男高校地球防衛部LOVE!, Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu Love) is basically a much needed genderswap spoof of the entire magical girl anime genre! Think if the cast of something like Sailor Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew were all men (without really changing much else plot wise) and this is what you get.
So far I've only seen the first two episodes but am loving it. It's pretty much the spoof you never knew you needed to see till you see it. There is just something absolutely hilarious about a bunch of men transforming Sailor Moon style at the phrase "love making" into fancy magical girl-style outfits waving around pretty staves and chanting cheesy phrases... something even the characters themselves remark at and seem to find absolutely ridiculous. There are also obvious sexual innuendoes throughout battle scenes especially with names like "Love Stick" and "Love Shower" being thrown around during the fights.

Additionally, despite being a blatant parody of the magical girl genre, the start of the anime and general story-writing in the anime is nowhere near as cliche as a lot of magical girl animes tend to be! The story itself is centred around the a group of boys in the "Earth Defense Club" at Binan High School (could possibly be a Haruhi Suzumiya reference?) who one day encounter a talking wombat who is a parody of familiar animal sidekicks (think Artemis and Luna from Sailor Moon and Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica) appear out of nowhere whilst discussing oden (it's a Japanese dish for those who don't know) at a public bath and later chase them around whilst possessing their teacher.
They are later told in the first episode that they are "Heirs to the Throne of Love" and find out they have magical powers they must use to save the world when a classmate is turned into a chikuwabu monster (which looks oddly phallic).
If you're a fan of the magical girl genre or just really enjoy funny animes with outlandish plots then I highly recommend you check out Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!. It's definitely one of the more fun and light-hearted shows out there and whilst it's still too early to give a definitive answer in regards to things such as character development and story progression, from what we've seen so far it does seem promising.
This is definitely a series to keep your eye on!


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pokémon's Most Stunning Male Specimens

POLL: Besides Steven, who are the most stunning male specimens in Pokémon? 
We surveyed Pokemon fans across Melbourne, Australia and the results may or may not surprise you. Sure Steven's a silver-haired dreamboat but Pokemon is full of other handsome trainers and here were the top five picks based on poll results.

We just can't get enough of strong cape-wearing men with big dragons.

Understandably it wasn't by any chance that this stylish dark type trainer made the top five. 

"Stupid sexy James!" Let's face it ladies, he looks better in a bikini than we do.

2. N
N from Pokemon Black & White was a popular fan favourite and we suspect it must be the epic long green hair.

#1 spot was taken by this sexy Frenchman and Kalos Pokemon Professor.

& some notable mentions...  
Archie and Wallace 
"They make you wet." (pun intended)

So there you go, those are the most stunning male specimens of Pokemon (besides Steven of course) as voted by the Pokemon fans of Melbourne, Australia. Want to let us know if you agree/disagree with our choices or wish to mention someone who wasn't on the list? Tell us here in the comments section or through other social media.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cosplayer Feature: Brittney Lee Cosplay

Whilst many of the cosplayers who've been featured so far already have quite an extensive portfolio in cosplay, 18-year old Brittney Lee (from Australia) is a newer cosplayer who besides cosplay has interests in fashion and SFX makeup which she is planning on starting a YouTube channel about. We had a chat to Brittney and she spoke to us of some of her cosplay inspirations and idols. Fun fact: We also found out that alongside her interests her three other favourite things are cats, anime and pizza!

First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start? 
Brittney: I started off by watching anime and I got curious by the whole cosplay thing so I joined the Melbourne cosplay community group. I was so inspired by all the work on there and decided to give a go! I cosplay because you get to bring a character to life and seeing peoples faces light up when they see you in character makes it really rewarding.

What was the first convention you cosplayed at? Who did you dress up as and how did it feel being out and about in costume for the first time?
Brittney: My very first cosplay was Super Sonico Armageddon expo in 2014. It was really exciting experience overall, being on public transport in costume is pretty entertaining to say the least.

What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay? 
Brittney: My first costume was Super Sonico as I just said and my next cosplay is Baby Doll from Sucker Punch for Supanova. They are two of my favourite characters costumes and personality wise and I relate to them in one way or another so I feel I could slip into character well so that's how I decide who to cosplay.

Out of all the cosplays you've done up to now: Which one is your favourite?
Brittney: I have only done one cosplay so far which was Super Sonico. It was really fun but it was a sort of last minute costume and I feel I could do better so I want to do a different version in the future. However I am extremely excited to cosplay Baby Doll in March I can already tell that will be my favourite!

Do you look up and or admire any other cosplayers? If so, list them and tell us why.
Brittney: Chibi Mage & Koneko-Chan, Erza - Cosplay, Jessica Nigri, Moggle Mini, Zeek and Mistzy are all people I look up to. There are many more but those the ones who come to mind. They are all so talented and I really enjoy looking at their work!

Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
Brittney: Firstly it depends if you buy or make your own costumes. Either way you have to start off with writing a list of things you will need, approximate prices and where you may need to order things from. If you have to order things from overseas such as China you will generally need to purchase these things first since they can take up to a month to arrive. It is best to give your self at least 3 months so you are prepared for problems such as the wrong size, items not arriving or your wig being the wrong colour.

What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay?
Brittney: One thing I have found is really popular cosplays such as Sailor Moon everything seems to be readily available but less known cosplays it is harder to come by certain accessories or costumes even. Also the cost of things can be a little challenging so you have to know how to manage your money when it comes to dealing with bills as well as costumes.

How do friends and family view your Cosplaying hobby? Have you ever had any awkward encounters with friends and/or family members or even the general public?
Brittney: My family are fine with cosplaying, I think they generally enjoy seeing the outcome and the photos that come with it. The general public on the other hand: if people don't know about the conventions or anything about cosplay and you are walking around town in a cosplay you can get some odd looks and you can see peoples minds literally ticking over trying to figure it out haha!

Do you find cosplay to be costly? If so, what aspects of it would you consider the costliest and have you thought of ways to save money?
Brittney: Cosplay can be very costly the costumes often cost more than wigs and contacts etc. The best way I've learnt how to overcome this is buy the accessories a week at a time and put aside money to buy the biggest bulk of it which for me is usually the costume and shoes. A better way to save money is to make the costumes yourself (depending on what it is) assuming you already have the appropriate skill level and resources such as a sewing machine.

"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter? 
Brittney: Personally I don't think this shouldn't even be an issue and it is ridiculous that we have to spell it out for people. Both clothing and costumes alike, revealing or not it doesn't give people the right to automatically assume they have consent. We all know there are a lot of characters out there with 'revealing' costumes and they can have brilliant personalities that make you want to cosplay them and people shouldn't have to be afraid to wear them so people don't get the wrong idea.

In relation to the "Lara Croft Fridge Raider" incident, what are your thoughts on cosplayers who cosplay "outside their body type"? Do you think body type often plays a role in choosing who to cosplay or how others perceive someone's cosplay?
Brittney: I haven't actually heard of this incident until now. Last time I checked Cosplaying isn't a modelling agency, you don't have to be 170cm tall and you don't have to be a size 8. Cosplaying is a hobby and it is about bringing a character to life and enjoying yourself in the process. Body type and skin colour shouldn't matter at all. If you are a size 18 and want to be Misty from Pokémon: go for it! As long as you are comfortable and are happy with it then don't let it stop you. Cosplay isn't a competition so stay true to yourself.

& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about Cosplaying?
Brittney: The thing I love about Cosplaying is the atmosphere and being surrounded by people who have similar interests and everyone is so supportive of each other. It really is a great community to be apart of and I'm glad I came across it.

Thank you to Brittney for stopping by for a chat~

For more info on Brittney and to follow Brittney's work in progress feel free to give Brittney Lee Cosplay a like on Facebook:
Brittney Lee Cosplay on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @

Friday, 23 January 2015

Contrary Serperior Now In Australia!

Good news for us Australian (& European) players of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: We can now get the Contrary Serperior Event Pokemon!!~

Instructions are simple:

  1.  Select Mystery Gift from the Main Menu
  2. "Get with Code"
  3. Enter POKEMON497
  4. Voila! Collect your Contrary Serperior from the Delivery Girl in your nearest Pokemon Center.

See, simple!? So what are you waiting for!? Get your free Serperior today :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Comprehensive Guide to Cheap Ass Cosplay

Cosplay is notorious for being an expensive hobby so what if you're on a budget? Should that exclude you from taking part in something so widely enjoyed by many? Absolutely not! Here I've compiled a list of simple ways to still enjoy cosplaying even whilst on a poor university student budget.

Presenting the "Comprehensive Guide to Cheap Ass Cosplay":

Time is money so plan ahead!
As they say, time is money. Try not to leave your cosplay last minute because it's likely last minute bits and pieces are going to cost more and give you less time to shop around for bargains and make things. Mark your calendar with the important deadlines and try planning at least a month or two in advance of the convention or party you plan to cosplay at. It will not only stop you from stressing out, it will give you more time to plan things out so you're not stuck with the costly options e.g buying a commission costume which costs hundreds when it would have been cheaper to make your own or not have to pay extra for the person you commission to have to hurry. One good way to start planning in advance is keeping a scrapbook/folio which lists all your cosplay ideas alongside all the materials you'll need and a rough timescale.

eBay is your friend for wigs!
Wigs generally aren't cheap! Thankfully eBay often has them on bids for crazy low prices sometimes even under $10USD. Crazy right!? Well there is one catch: Generally these more cheapy priced wigs only pop up if you type in keywords like "short black wig" as opposed to something like, say, "Black Butler anime wig" and since they're usually from Hong Kong the shipping might take a while so, also alluding back to my last point, planning in advance is crucial if you're looking at saving money on your costume.
Note: Whilst going to a $2 shop (or your country's equivalent) or a costume store for a cheap wig may seem like a good idea, usually the wigs you find in these places are of questionable quality and best avoided.

Thermoplastics such as Worbla are all the rage in the cosplay scene when it comes to things like making armour but, again, this may not suit everyone's budget. Cheaper alternatives to look into are papier-mâché, cardboard, and foam. The same materials are also some of the cheaper ways to make props and weapons for your costumes.

Get to know your local fabric/craft stores! (but be careful when shopping to only buy what you need!)
Familiarising yourself with the local fabric and craft shops is a good way to save money by learning when all the important sales are and if there's any good money saving deals you can get for all the bits and bobs for your costume. However, do be careful to only buy what you need and make a list of exactly how much fabric/materials you'll need or else you'll find yourself making a lot of regrettable impulse purchases!
Side note: A lot of such stores also offer workshops to improve your skills in areas such as sewing and painting and more so they're also a good way to brush up on areas where you feel you need improvement.

Thrift store shopping!
Sometimes you can find some pretty surprising and interesting things for bargain price in second hand stores so it's always good to shop around at a few to see if you can find something you could use in your cosplay. Particularly if the character's outfit is more a day-to-day outfit as opposed to a heavy suit of armour, thrift stores can sometimes have what you're looking for in a decent condition and at less than half the price as it's sold anywhere else. I myself found a pair of nice purple knee-high boots second hand for $40 and later found out they were originally a designer pair worth $400!

See? Cosplay doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! Hopefully these tips have been helpful and if you think I missed something or would like to share your own money-saving cosplay tips feel free to let me know in the comments section below :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Gamer Feature: Miss Bunnie Bell

Today we're joined by "Miss Bunnie Bell", a 28 year-old online gamer and self-confessed geek who likes to stream her online gameplay videos via video sharing sites such as YouTube or Twitch from Oklahoma, United States.
She also often likes to include games played with her friends in her livestreams and whilst the people who appear on her channel are from different states, they all have known each other face to face for years and some have even known each other since grade school.
Bunnie chatted to us about her love for gaming and a few social issues in the gaming community and here's what she had to say:

First of all, what do you like most about gaming and how did you get into it?
Video Games have always been a part of my life. My mom and dad are gamer geeks as well. Growing up I remember nights they would let us stay up late to watch them play toejam and earl. Now, my dad is a completionist and loves games like God of War and Assassins Creed. Mom is a k-pop addict who plays anything she can get her hands on. Me, I have always enjoyed playing PC games as my brother and dad would hog the console growing up. I love how video games were a family thing even though we were broke growing up so it gave us great memories! And, even now,  its a social thing that brings me and my family/friends closer together!

What motivated you to start livestreaming video games and making a YouTube channel?
I'm sure anyone who has seen one of my videos can tell I don't have the best memory. Sollex (My fiance) would ask what I was doing to make me giggle so much and I honestly couldn't remember so I started recording because my friends make me laugh so much i wanted to preserve those memories. When I noticed others taking interest in my little channel we thought it would be fun to expand our little gaming circle and livestream to play with others and share the giggles!

What kind of games do you most like to play and what are some of your favourite titles?
Depending on my mood I play diffrent games. I tend to bounce between a few titles at a time. I don't play many FPS or Horror games though. My favorite Games/Series include Fable, Elder scrolls, Saints Row, Final Fantasy, Don't Starve, and a bunch more!

There is frequent debate over PC vs Console (PC Master Race!), which do you prefer to play on? Do you have a favourite console?
I prefer to play PC as I didn't get to play the console much (as I've said before) but one of my favorite games (Fable II) was console only so If I had to pick a console I would pick Xbox. Heck, I use an Xbox controller on my PC!

What is your reaction to old people who are likely to tell you things such as "video games are only for kids"?
Being raised in the house I was... I honestly never came across this. Even my grandparents enjoy games now and again. So I suppose those who said that just find enjoyment in other things or haven't tried video games. It's a wonderful escape from the daily stresses of life!

"Violent video games are linked to violent behaviour". What is your view on this statement?
The people who believe that tend to forget the folks/kids who commit horrible acts (such as school shootings) were disturbed individuals. They just happened to play video games as well. They don't see all the folks who play the same games and don't commit crimes. Its kind of like saying every house that burns down has a sink in them. The sinks must be the cause of the fire! Video games are such common place in todays society they are in practically everyone's houses now. Using them as an excuse for violence is not only sad but keeps people from finding the real reason the individual was disturbed!

On the subject of the gaming community and the recent "Gamergate" controversy, how prevalent do you see sexism to be in the gaming community on a day-to-day basis? 
Well I'm not terribly knowledgable about Gamergate controversy but I do know a bit about the sexist side of things. I have been playing WoW since vanilla and any gal who plays WoW knows that if there is any hint that you're a girl in game you hear the "Girls dont exist on WoW" or "she must be super fat and ugly to play WoW" or the Sugar daddies who want to run you through stuff and give you gear if you dance your naked pixelated ass around for them >.< You just kinda learn to ignore it and move on. It used to bug me a lot but it's "whatever" now I guess. Sexism exists everywhere and guys treat gaming (especially WoW) like a gentlemans' club and are so shocked when a woman is found among their "elite" that they have to beat it down and chase it away

& finally: how did you choose your gamertag?
This is the easiest question as I answer it so often. Bunnie is the name my family and friends call me. I was the 4th Elizabeth in my family (same first, middle and last name) so we all have nicknames. Since I was brought home in a VW rabbit my nickname is Bunnie. Bell is a nickname that was added on by a friend since she had two people she knew named Bunnie and I always have a bell on me. (I like to jingle!). Miss is just something Puppy calls me. :P

Thank you so much Bunnie Bell for having a chat with us!~

If you're interested in finding out more and watching Miss Bunnie in action check out the following links:
Miss Bunnie Bell's Youtube Channel
Miss Bunnie Bell on Twitch

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more gaming features and interviews :) If you're a gamer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cosplayer Feature: MoogleMini

After my first interview with Zenith Cosplay I've received interest from other cosplayers regarding an interview spot on my blog and pleased to say that we have another cosplayer from Melbourne, Australia with us. Presenting Mini Webb aka "MoogleMini", a twenty-one year-old cheerleading coach - when out of costume - who's studied photography, loves video games and cats and has kindly agreed to have a chat with us about her cosplaying hobby!
First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start and what was your first cosplay?
Honestly, if there's any opportunity to get dressed up in a costume - I'll take it! Cosplay was just the best way for me to dress up as who I wanted to be from video games and other awesome pop culture things. I loved it from the start and my love just grows and grows as i improve my skills and make more costumes. The first cosplay I ever did was Amane Misa from Death Note.
What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay?
I generally choose to cosplay anyone whose costume I love. When i love a costume the character goes on my list (which has about 70+ cosplays) and then, when I feel it's appropriate, it's scheduled into the convention year for wearing. these plans often change, especially when a friend tells me of their plans... if i have a costume of my list from the same series I will probably be tempted to make it and wear it with them.
For this year I've got planned a formal Charizard Gajinka for the cosplay formal, Saria from Ocarina of Time with a friend who is cosplaying Link and some others such as Sage Naruko and maybe another Charizard for PAXAUS.
Out of all the cosplays you've done up to now: Which one is your favourite?
This question is too hard! I really love wearing my Witch King of Angmar helmet everywhere... but I've got a special place in my heart for my Arkham City Harley Quinn costume. It's probably the first serious cosplay I've ever done and I'm immensely proud of it (though it's currently on hiatus to encourage me to make more this year).
Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
In the early days of my costume crush I'd collect as many screenshots and images of the costume just to drool over it... It's after that I break down the costume into parts and plan out how it'll work. When making a cosplay I tend to just make it all u
p as I go along based on the pictures I've seen...this doesn't always work... maybe one day I will learn to plan more!
What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay?For me I feel it's the trial of making something that works in fantasy but doesn't work in reality... some of those fabrics, patterns, weapons and hair styles are totally crazy! I wish reality was like that!
"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter?
It's really important for con-goers and especially cosplayers to feel safe and the Cosplay is not Consent campaign is working for a safe and enjoyable con experience for everyone. The fact that it has to exist makes me a bit sad but unfortunately there is always some to ruin it for others.
Related to the previous question, what are your thoughts on cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri who are known to incorporate sex appeal into cosplay?
Personally, I'm a huge fan of Jessica Nigri. I love how passionate she is about what she does and how much she seems to enjoy it. In my opinion she loves what she's doing and loves sharing her love with the world.
& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about cosplaying?
To me cosplay is the combination of two of my favourite things in the world pop culture and dressing up... the fact that cosplay is a "thing" is probably my favourite thing about it.
Thanks to Mini of MoogleMini for participating :)
For more info and her cosplay portfolio feel free to check out her Facebook page:
MoogleMini Cosplay

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @

Pokémon Battle: Sylveon Vs Umbreon

Recently I decided to host a plushie giveaway to celebrate this blog's one month anniversary and in the giveaway I decided to put some Eeveelution theme Pokemon plushies up for grabs.
Based on feedback I've received across both Twitter and Facebook, however, I noticed that two Eeveelutions in particular were distinct fan favourites: Sylveon & Umbreon.
(pic bluekiss131 @ Deviantart)
Soooo... due to the popularity of these two I decided to do a second plushie giveaway for the fan favourite and the winner was decided to be...

Rules are simple and entry is free:

Facebook users - simple "like" Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep and follow the instructions in this post

Twitter users - Follow the instructions here 

Best of luck~

Disagree with the decision? Have another favourite? Let us know and we will take it into consideration for any future giveaways! 

Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite Eeveelution and/or your pick out of fairy type Sylveon and dark type Umbreon~

Cosplayer Feature: Zenith Cosplay

Angelica, known by the name "Zenith Cosplay", is a cosplayer, cat-lover and student from Victoria, Australia who has kindly agreed to take part in a short interview for Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep. She makes all her costumes herself and has become quite well-known in Melbourne's ever-expanding yet close-knit cosplay community. Currently she's been hard at work putting together her Dark Magician Girl cosplay for an upcoming convention but she was still able to answer for us a few questions.
First of all, why do you cosplay? What motivated you to start and what was your first cosplay?
Cosplaying is a fun hobby that I've taken up out of boredom for enjoyment. I first cosplayed at PAX a few years back as I had a Harley Quinn costume from my old job and thought "why not?".

What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay? 
I choose characters based on how much I like them and their outfit, and I prefer more evil characters. I've done Harley Quinn, Dark Magician Girl, Duela Dent and many more!

Out of all the cosplays you've done up to now: Which one is your favourite?
Probably Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) as it's such an awesome outfit

Provide some examples of the planning and work that goes into creating your cosplay and give us a rough indication of how long it takes.
With planning I just write a list of stuff I'll need for it, order stuff from ebay as delivery is three weeks+ and then I usually start sewing as soon as I have the material. It can take between two weeks to a month to complete a costume.

What would you consider the biggest challenges in cosplay?
Weather and comfort: if it's too hot then you overheat but, in other costumes, if it's too cold you will freeze to death!

"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter?
I think it’s a really big issue that needs to be addressed. Sexual harassment has been a problem for years and guys are just trying to come up with excuses for their horrible behaviour, e.g. ‘its not my fault she was wearing that’. There needs to be more rules/enforcers around conventions to help prevent sexual harassment and even go as far as banning people who have offended more than once.

Related to the previous question, what are your thoughts on cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri who are known to incorporate sex appeal into cosplay? 
I personally love Jessica Nigri as she puts tons of work into making her costumes and she seems like a fun bubbly person. Jessica should be able to express herself however she likes!

& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about cosplaying?
Being able to dress up in awesome costumes and be another character for a day, and plus meeting other cosplayers is awesome!! Love all the new friends I've made

Thank you so much for taking part in the interview~ 

For further details and to keep up to date with Angelica's cosplays you can like her Facebook page:
Zenith Cosplay on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email Obzidian @

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Eeveelution Plushie Giveaway!!

This blog is roughly a month old and to celebrate I am giving one (possibly two or three) lucky readers the chance to win a Pokemon Eeveelution plushie of their choice. I am willing to ship anywhere in the world and the winner gets to message me which plushie they'd like with their details.

The rules are simple and entry is free!

Do any of the following across Facebook and Twitter and this blog to earn yourself 1 entry in the competition. Doing multiple increases your chances of winning:

RT this post + Follow @spookintheattic (this counts as two entries)

-Like the Facebook page Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep

-Share this Facebook post (1 entry)
-Like this Facebook post (1 entry)
-Tag friends in the comments section (1 entry per tag)

& If you don't have either Facebook or Twitter (or just want extra entries)...

Entries will be open for at least a month to give people enough time to enter but stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter & the Facebook page for updates including the end date~ Hoping to have a winner before March 2015.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mischief Pokemon Hoopa Confirmed!

Everyone pretty much saw this Hoopa announcement coming after people using game cheats managed to get their hands on this "mysterious new Pokemon" hidden in the XY game code before its announcement and sites such as Kotaku wrote articles on it declaring it a Pokemon that only hackers own. If you're one of these "hackers" you probably own one already but this is good news to all of us here who don't use cheats! Now it looks like this Pokemon will soon be available to all of us and not just the "hackers". Plus this mysterious Pokemon has been confirmed and won't be a mystery for much longer after an official Pokemon announcement which revealed footage hinting at what's likely an upcoming event and provided a profile of the new Pokemon.
Hoopa's details have also been put up on the official Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire website, describing it as a dual Ghost and Psychic type "Mischief" Pokemon with the Magician ability. It's the Pokemon known to summon islands with its golden rings and associated with the mirage spots in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and, whilst it's not written in any official publications yet, if you've seen the Hoopas obtained using cheats it's also shown that Hoopa has two forms changed through the use of a "Prison Bottle" item: Bound and Unbound.

There's no news as of yet available when a Hoopa event is going to take place but there is a good chance it'll be featured in one of the next events as well as a the upcoming 18th Pokemon anime movie 光輪の超魔神 フーパ (The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa) which is coming out in Japan in July of this year as revealed by Corocoro.

PS Friendly reminder that if you are a Japanese Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire player the code for the Contrary Serperior mystery gift event is POKEMON497

Brand Feature: Rage On!

I know I probably have given the impression that this blog is solely Pokemon related and that I solely write Pokemon articles so to vary things up a bit, I think I'll feature a clothing company this blog, Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep, also happens to be sponsored by (& if you make it to the end I think you'll all admit I have the best coupon "code" ever~)
Rage On is perhaps one of the world's biggest online shops specialising in all-over prints of all your favourite cartoons, movies, games, you name it! Whether it's sweat shirts, singlets, mugs, towels or just t-shirts... Rage On is sure to have an epic all-over graphic print featuring one of your favourite characters / movies / games, something funny or a combination. Even if you're not into geeky things there's prints featuring things like cats and other stuff so they cater to a wider audience as well.
& whilst some items are on the pricier side, Rage On offers free shipping for orders over $150 and often has sales where you can nab something awesome for a cheap sale price such as these Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon tshirts/tank tops which are currently discounted :)
Many of the designs are handmade/designed by designers associated with Rage On so there is also a wide variety of styles available and other products including things like Statue of David underwear. Some of my personal favourite designs include but are not limited to (click to enlarge):

...Not to mention the entire collection by 8 Bit which was clearly made with us gamers in mind.
So what are you waiting for!? Whether it's to spoil yourself or someone you love get your hands on some Rage On gear today!

Special offer: Enter the coupon code "ROIDRAGE" at the checkout and grab yourself a 10% discount off items (includes items on sale!)