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Nintendo Announces Nintendo NX

Recently Nintendo unveiled plans for a mystery console currently known under the codename "Nintendo NX". Whilst more details aren't expected till 2016, speculations suggest that it will be nothing at all like the Wii U - Nintendo's worst-selling console - and may potentially also replace the 3DS as a report in the Wall Street Journal available here claims that the new Nintendo NX will somehow combine both console and handheld gaming. A patent was discovered and is available here which also suggests the new control design to be both a fusion of the touchscreen feature seen on the 3DS as well as the twin joysticks of the Nintendo Gamecube.

In an interview with Time's Matt Peckham, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said the following: "As far as NX goes, I've said it's different and obviously a new experience," Kimishima said. "That being said, I can assure you we're not building the next version of Wii or Wii U. It's something unique and different. It's something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal to our consumer base."

Pokemon News: Hoopa Coming Soon to Australia & New Zealand

Nintendo has recently announced that the event Pokemon Hoopa will be available in Australia and New Zealand in early 2016. Whilst no other official information has been made available it will likely be distributed similarly to other event Pokemon. The mythical ring Pokemon will be available on will be available on Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games and further details will be made available sooner to the event. Whilst many fans are excited about this... there are many disappointed the announcement took so long especially with the movie "Hoopa Clash of Ages" being released in Australia much sooner than the Hoopa event and many fans having already obtained Hoopa through trades or QV codes.

Monster High "Too Scary"?? #SavetheoldMonsterHigh

Some people have dubbed the Monster High dolls as "too dark" and "too scary" leading to Mattel announcing that they are redesigning the Monster High dolls and the packaging to appear less "dark". This response has understandably been met with a lot of criticism. The newer dolls will feature a more colourful and less gothic aesthetic and this has led to a petition being started on to save the original Monster High dolls especially as it goes against the whole "be yourself, be unique" message the brand claims to be promoting.

"Recently it has been announced that Mattel will be giving a makeover to the Monster High dolls and redesigning the faces of the dolls, style of clothing and boxes. Although the brand has changed its packaging a few times, and changes like those are good to bring some excitement and update an image, the changes that will be made to the faces are quite drastic and many people do not like it!  Here is Mattel's official announcement regarding the change:

In the video released, the explanation behind this is that some people consider the Monster High dolls to be "too dark or scary", and in response, the dolls are being redesigned to look more..... bright? colourful? bland? washed out? watered down? All these words have been used by dedicated MH collectors to describe the look of the new dolls. Regardless of the words used, there is an strong sense of disappointment amongst MH collectors regarding this change!

An important aspect that Mattel may have forgot about (or chose to ignore), is that this change goes against what Monster High stands for!!! MH's message is "Be yourself! Be unique! Be a monster". It's about embracing your freaky flaws, recognising that "imperfections are scary-cool and embracing everyone’s differences is encouraged" (taken directly from the Monster High website). So how does that work with the fact that they are changing the brand because "some people consider the dolls to be too dark or scary"? You're basically promoting the idea of changing yourself because others don't like you. 

Secondly, the reason why Monster High has become such a popular brand is exactly because it is different! Quirky, punk, slightly gothy, but still colourful! Perfect! In a world of "perfect" princesses and Barbie dolls, MH was a breath of fresh air!!!  It is true that some people may be put off by the darker/edgier look of the dolls, but those now have the option of buying Ever After High dolls!

Whether you dislike the look of the new dolls, or you're on the fence about them, it's important to understand that the change WILL GO AHEAD! Mattel has already created the dolls and the boxes and the new campaign that will accompany the change, so we will definitely be seeing the new dolls in stores in 2016!

So this petition is not aimed at trying to discourage Mattel from producing these new dolls, but rather, a plea that they will not discontinue the old look!

I have created this petition, and yet, I do believe that the new dolls are kinda cute, and they will probably be very appealing to kids (and those parents that do not like the "dark" look). My concern (and that of many others) is that this change will mean the old look and style will be completely eliminated. 

So please Mattel: #SavetheoldMonsterHigh"

Follow the link below to sign the petition:

Disney Princesses as Anime Characters

Ever wondered what Disney princesses would look like drawn in a bishoujo anime style? Here are some interesting anime versions of Disney Princesses as found here on Tumblr.

Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Ariel - Little Mermaid

Snow White - Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

Jasmine - Aladdin

Rapunzel - Tangled

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Smile Pretty Cure now on Netflix as Glitter Force

Magical girl fans looking for a new anime series being released in English rejoice! An English dub of "Smile Pretty Cure" titled "Glitter Force" by Saban has recently become a Netflix original series.  

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, the original Japanese Pretty Cure animes etc. then this is a show you should definitely check out! Many sites like Fuse have described Glitter Force as looking like a "Sailor Moon - Digimon hybrid".
Here is the catchy opening as performed by girl group Blush as well as the ending song for the dub:

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Shopaholic Sunday: Tasty Peach Studios!

If you love all things cute and Japanese inspired then you'll love Tasty Peach Studios! The American based business produces things like handmade toys, clothing, jewellery and more!

I myself camped out (due to timezones) a while back to pre-order myself a Halloween Vampire Bat Meowchi (they are just adorable!). I was really pleased because, not only was the toy incredibly cute, but it was well-made and shipping to Australia was timely!
As well as the Meowchi characters, there are a lot of other cute characters to choose from on Tasty Peach Studios including Nomwhal, Chirii, Tofusagi, Kyandi, Zombie Alpacas and more!

Tasty Peach Studios also offers a number of fashion wigs including these adorable Baby Doll wigs in various colours from blond, pink, purple and even a baby blue! These wigs are absolutely perfect for anyone who embraces styles such as lolita, pastel goth, living doll or just if you feel like wearing a wig for the hell of it.

If you love all things cute and Japanese kawaii inspired then you'll love shopping at Tasty Peach Studios and we highly recommend you check them out~

How to: Be a Pokemon Gym Leader

Ever dreamt of running your own Pokemon Gym? Currently running a Gym but wondering how to improve your Gym Leader skills? Then this is the right place for you! Whether you're a newbie, play some serious VGC Pokemon tournament matches or just want to for fun, this guide has been designed to be simple enough for any aspiring Gym Leader to follow.
Kanto gym leaders by Anime5ful on DeviantArt

Step 1: Choose your specialty
First thing's first - choose the type of Pokemon you wish to specialise in. You could absolutely or maybe you're a bug catcher who took his obsession a step further.
If you are unsure of what type to specialise in it's recommended you have a think about:
    • What type of Pokemon would best suit your personality? If you're a bit of a hot-head or energetic go-getter maybe fire or electric Pokemon are your thing. If you're cool and like things calm maybe grass or water is your thing. 
    • Is there any Pokemon that may suit other aspects of you such as your personal style or job? For example if you tend to like lolita fashion perhaps fairy Pokemon would be your thing but if you're more goth then perhaps consider dark or ghost types. If you're in a particular profession there might be Pokemon which would come into the theme e.g. being a florist and specialising in grass types.
    • What Pokemon do you usually most often? Chances are you may already have a preference for one type of Pokemon in particular. 
Step 2: Prepare your team
You've chosen a type of Pokemon to specialise in and now your next step is assembling a team together. Here are some tips for getting a top 6 as well as some rotational Pokemon to use as well as how to ensure your team is the best that it can be:
  • Have at least 10 or so Pokemon in mind for your team. Brainstorm what you think would work best in combinations. 
  • Breed and EV train! You want your team to be as perfect as possible! If you're just a casual Pokemon player breeding and EV training isn't essential but if you want to play VGC it's a must. (EV training guide coming soon to this site)
  • You may not be the very best, the best there ever was, but that's alright! You don't have to be Champion in order to be a gym leader so you're free to spend 80% of your gym budget on potions and full restores if you find you need them.
Step 3: Get the look!
Okay, whilst you may be thinking this part is unnecessary - for the most part Gym Leaders tend to dress in a manner which reflects upon the type of Pokemon they specialise in and let's face it - being a gym leader is really mostly about making a fashion statement. Let's look at some examples shall we?
For example; Clair styles her hair and dresses in a blue body suit reminiscent of Kingdra, one of the Pokemon on her team, and also sticks with capes and which give her away as a dragon type trainer. 

If you want to dress daringly then this your opportunity to go for it! Wallace of Sootopolis City certainly loves taking his outfit a step further from all the other gym leaders.

Step 4: Learn to Talk Like a Gym Leader.
This may seem straightforward but it's a really important step in becoming the best gym leader you can be. You have the look but do you have the attitude to go with it?? If you already talk like a pretentious erudite English major then you probably already have this step covered so you can skip straight to step 5. You have to have a short but memorable and pseudo-inspirational speech ready for when trainers challenge you and if they manage to defeat you so you gotta be prepared to make yourself sound like a pretentious expert! One tip is to go on Tumblr and look up as many pseudo-inspirational quotes as possible and if you're reaaaallly bad at writing just hire a speech writer - don't feel embarrassed since that's what politicians do anyway! 

Step 5: Design Your Gym
Your gym is where all the battles are going to take place and as such you have to make it memorable and relevant. E.g. you don't want a pool in your fire type gym unless it's a pool of lava! Like your outfit, your gym is supposed to be a reflection of you and the type of Pokemon you use. 
If you're designing a Gym in your secret base think carefully about which decorations you'll use and where. Look at the layout of other gyms for inspiration. You usually don't want a challenger to be able to step through the door and walk straight to you without first encountering some obstacles you've placed - where would the fun be in that? 
Here are some Gym Layouts you can use for inspiration:

Saffron City's leader Sabrina specialises in psychic type Pokemon and as such her gym employs a teleportation point puzzle approach to challengers. 
Bugsy of Azalea Town specialises in bug Pokemon and this is reflected with his appropriate use of trees and shrubs as well as a spiderweb puzzle addition to his gym. 
As you have probably noticed many of these gyms also have other trainers the challenger must face prior to facing you and many of these trainers are also specific to the type of gym. For example, in Bugsy's gym many of the trainers will be Bug Catcher trainers who use bug Pokemon similarly to Bugsy. When looking to include other trainers in your gym this is definitely something you must consider. You want trainers who are weaker than you but have a type similar to yours e.g. using Mediums in a ghost type or psychic type gym.

Step 6: Design Your Badge
Last but not least we have designing your badge which is probably one of the most important steps in becoming a gym leader. Remember that every successful challenger who passes through your gym is going to be taking with them one of these badges as your recognition of their skills as a Pokemon trainer so you're going to need to make something which not only symbolises the Pokemon you use but you and your gym as a whole. It has to be bold. It has to be simple. Just keep in mind that people like Gary Oak are going to be showing off about your badge.

Congratulations! You are now well on your way to honing your skills as a gym leader. If you feel like you are confident in your gym leading abilities and would like to progress that big step further stay tuned for our upcoming sequel to How to Become a Gym Leader - How to Be a Member of the Elite 4.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Top 5 Worst Pokemon Designs

Some Pokemon look really cute and adorable whilst others look fierce and powerful... Unfortunately others look rather meh. It's often as if the artists got lazy and uninspired and turned to the nearest inanimate object and decided "let's turn it into a Pokemon".
Here are just some of the Pokemon designs that have often been described as the worst:

  1. Garbodor
    This Pokemon is rubbish...literally! OK I know there's also Trubbish but it is kinda cute. Garbador on the other hand...Nope...just nope!

  2. Spewpa
    "Spew"pa seems to have the word spew in it for a valid reason as it more or less resembles vomit - or that fake vomit stuff you probably used to buy as a kid.

  3. Probopass
    The evolution of Nosepass and it looks like someone just zapped Nosepass in some sort of fusion machine with Nigel Thornberry. Seriously, it wouldn't be soooo bad were it not for that really tacky looking moustache. Someone please shave this thing!
  4. Ditto
    Ditto may be a daycare breeding machine but let's face it - it ain't the prettiest Pokemon out there! It is basically a pink blob with a tacky face a two year old would probably be capable of drawing.

  5. Voltorb
    Voltorb is pretty much the next laziest Pokemon anyone could have possibly come up with. It is literally an exploding Pokeball with a pair of eyes. How much lazier can you get? Well besides having to draw Ditto...

What do you guys think? Any we've missed here? Any you disagree with or do you think we've covered them all?

Get Shiny Mega Rayquaza!

Aussie Pokemon players rejoice! If you live in Australia we've been lucky enough to have an event for getting Shiny Mega Raquaza via Mystery Gift this August. Rayquaza comes at level 70 with the Air Lock ability and is holding a Dragon Fang. It's moves are Dragon Dance, Dragon Ascent, Dragon Claw and Extreme speed. To get your hands on your very own Shiny Rayquaza event Pokemon just pop into an EB Games to pick up your code (be very careful not to scratch off the code)!

  1. Open Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire
  2. Select Mystery Gift from main menu
  3. Select RECEIVE GIFT, click YES.
  4. Select GET WITH CODE, then YES & YES again to connect to the internet.
  5. Enter your unique code.
  6. Receive your Shiny Rayquaza
  7. Speak to delivery girl in a Pokemon Center to receive Shiny Rayquaza
  8. Save your game.
Offer valid from the 10th of August to the 31st of August 2015 - don't miss out!
Voila Shiny Rayquaza is yours!


Saturday, 8 August 2015

What Really Happened With Brock and Professor Ivy...

"Don't mention that name!" 

Since Brock came back mentally scarred from the Orange Islands in the Pokemon anime after he left for a season to stay with Professor Ivy there have been many many speculations as to what REALLY happened. We know Brock got dumped but there are some pretty amusing ideas as to what happened out there...
Disclaimer: Some may be NSFW

We've collated just a few of the more popular fan theories:

1. Professor Ivy is a Lesbian
Brock probably came onto her and then Professor Ivy admitted she's just not into guys.

2. Professor Ivy was having an affair with her husband 
One possible idea is that Professor Ivy was having an affair with her husband who later returned - possibly from a Pokemon journey of his own - and discovered Brock and well... a big fight broke out.

3. Brock Embarrassed Himself Somehow
There are many theories going around the internet that Brock somehow embarrassed himself (with theories ranging from not being able to get it up to saying something highly which accidentally offended Professor Ivy) and was dumped in that regard.

4. Professor Ivy is a Transsexual
One of the most bizarre theories is that Professor Ivy was originally a man who underwent gender re-assignment surgery and that this somehow put Brock off when they tried to uhhhhh "you know".

5. Things got too kinky for Brock to handle...
Professor Ivy may have whipped out the leather and chains and, well, it was waaaayyy too much for Brock who was probably hoping for something more vanilla.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Interview: HeidzDee Cosplay

It's been a while since we've featured a cosplayer on the blog and it's about time for an update! Today we're joined with Heidi - known as HeidzDee cosplay on her Facebook page - who is a cosplayer from Victoria, Australia.

Before we begin, tell us a bit about yourself; what is your life outside cosplay, random facts about yourself, location etc.
Hi! My name is Heidi; I’m 25 years old and a qualified art and drama teacher! I’ve been living in Victoria for 3 years now as I’m originally from Queensland. Since completing my degree I have been focusing a lot of my work on my cosplaying for both conventions and building outfits for art awards whilst also filming a documentary for NITV which airs early this year. It will feature two of my cosplays!  
Currently I am writing a synopsis for my own documentary to start filming later this year documenting the process I go through deciding on, assembling and premiering a new costume at a convention.

What made you first start cosplaying and what was your first cosplay ever?
I first started cosplaying at Melbourne Supanova in 2012. After attending my first convention in November the year before I had no idea of the popularity of cosplaying and was instantly hooked at the idea. I’d always enjoyed wearing costumes before conventions - transforming into the characters I loved and admired. I’d dressed up as characters from books mostly including Harry Potter and the Mortal Instruments. My first cosplay at a convention was of arena version of Katniss Everdeen from the first Hunger Games movie.

How did you feel the first time you went to a convention in cosplay? Do you have a favourite convention?
I was so unsure of myself walking in the gate of Supanova on my first day in cosplay, I didn’t know if my costume was good enough and whether I was doing one of my favourite characters the justice she deserved. I was so nervous up till a photographer stopped and asked for my photo; commenting that my hair looked fantastic and I even had a Jennifer Lawrence sort of look about me. That moment gave me so much confidence I think it pulled me through the whole weekend and sold me on continuing doing this for all conventions.
I don’t know if I really have a favourite convention, they are all so good for their own reasons.

Do you find cosplay to be costly? If so, what aspects of it would you consider the costliest and have you thought of ways to save money?
I think if you don’t plan your materials and supplies properly cosplay can be really expensive. My Elsa costume cost me a lot more than it should of because I just kept changing my mind about how to do things. I have learnt since then to do my research on characters well in advance before buying supplies. Oh and SHIPPING! Shipping can be ridiculous pricing online if its something you desperately need.

How long does a cosplay take you on average? Describe some of the processes you go through in making and planning your costumes.
I’ve had costume take me as small amount of time as a few hours up to something that took me 5 months. Though on average I like to give myself about 3 months to complete something. I like to decide pretty early on a cosplay and what convention I want to wear it to so that I instantly have a time constraint to work witihin.

I usually begin by finding as many reference images I can for the character from as many angles as possible, and list everything that needs to be made and what that requires. I also like to search if anyone else has done that particular costume and what materials they have used in case it could work in my favour. From there I usually begin with the construction of the clothing, purchasing any wigs, body paint, make up, contacts etc I need to online so that they arrive with plenty of time before the convention in case anything doesn’t work out.

What are some of your current/past/future cosplays? How do you choose characters to cosplay?
Previously I have cosplayed characters such as Elsa, Gamora, Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. This year I have a number of Disney costumes in the making including Hiro Hamada, Princess Anna, Rapunzel and Tinkerbell. I’m particularly looking forward to making and debuting two specific costumes this year. The first is ‘Spike’ from Back to the Future 2 and the other is my dream cosplay, Shiva from Final Fantasy X.

I find the deciding process to be different for each character; I choose a lot of Disney characters for the story and character arcs that I really connect to and also if the visualisation in the movie is really captivating. But I also like to work with friends for interstate conventions and pick things together so that we can spend the day in character and make the most out of the day.

What do you think of cosplayers who buy most or all of their costumes as opposed to making it?
I understand why this is something people do, sometimes you just don’t have the time, money or just access to the right supplies to make things yourself. Even if you just aren’t comfortable with your sewing skills. I still buy pieces online and build from them, as I am certainly not a perfect at sewing. I still cannot read a pattern to save my life, but I am learning! It shouldn’t be about whether or not you brought it or made it but the enjoyment you get out of wearing it.

What do you think is most important in cosplay - accuracy or artistic freedom?
I appreciate both these things equally. If I see someone in a highly accurate costume I instantly just want to go and congratulate him or her as it could be the difference between spending maybe a couple of hundred dollars on your costume as opposed to in the thousands even. Let alone the time that they put into it!

At the same time I love seeing people interpret their own versions of characters from gender swapping, concept and fan arts or ever own characters. I think it can show a great amount of strength and dedication sometime to do these as there always feels like such a strong push for people to want to cosplay characters that everyone will recognise and appreciate.

What are your thoughts on cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri who are known to incorporate sex appeal into cosplay?
I actually really love some of Jessica Nigri’s cosplays, the detail and love she puts into some of them are amazing. I think I am still a little obsessive over her armoured Elsa she did. There are some of her other cosplays that I don’t agree with because I think of the characters she has done this for aren’t the kind that should be sexualised. It’s her accurate cosplays that I really love, such as Rikku and her versions of Harley Quinn... But in saying that she does put an incredible amount of effort and detail in her work, which is really what draws me.
I also think it should be important to remember that a cosplay can be sexy and not show off so much skin, take Catwoman for example.

"Cosplay is not consent" has recently become a big issue amongst cosplayers and convention-goers alike. What are your thoughts on this matter?
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get harassed at least three times each convention. From snide comments to asking for awkward photos with them and then harassment on the tram/train ride home or back to the hotel. It’s unfortunate that it’s people like this that try and ruin a weekend for you and I feel like there’s only so much you can do to prevent it.
I’m hoping that the message of “Cosplay is not consent” really gets out there and that people recognise that it is a big issue in the community. Even if it’s just extra eyes helping someone out when they look like they are having some trouble.

& finally, what is the thing you enjoy most about cosplaying and what are some of the challenges?
I think the best thing that has come out of cosplaying for me has been the friends I have made. I’ve got so many people from each of the states that I go to that I can catch up with at conventions and make everything just that much more enjoyable. We’ve even grown close enough now to plan things as groups, my first last year was doing Guardians of the Galaxy group with two girls in Brisbane.
My challenge for myself now is to start building cosplays to enter into cosplay competitions, I have signed up for my first one for Supanova Melbourne.

Thanks for taking part in an interview Heidi!~ Look forward to seeing your future cosplays.

For more info on Heidi and to follow Heidi's work in progress feel free to give HeidzDee cosplay a like on Facebook

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and stay tuned for more cosplay and gaming channel features :) If you're a cosplayer and would like to be featured in a future interview feel free to email @

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PAX Australia will be returning to Melbourne for 2015 and we've got an exclusive 3 day pass (October 30th to November 1st) valued at $150 to give away!

To Enter all you have to do is:
*Tag a friend in the comments
Ready... GO!
Winner will be announced closer to the event. Check back here or the Facebook page for further updates~

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Pokemon Hoopa Movie Trailer!

Recently the Japanese trailer has been released for the new Pokemon movie coming out this year featuring the mysterious new Pokemon Hoopa. The movie titled Pokemon: The Archdjinni of the Rings Hoopa - 光輪の超魔神 フーパ in Japanese - is the second of the movies in the Pokemon X and Y series and will be out on the 18th of July in Japan and hopefully this will be when we found out some information when the official Hoopa Pokemon event is too.
The movie will also feature Primal Kyogre and Groudon as well as Shiny Mega Rayquaza.

You can view the trailer (Japanese) below:

Outfits Inspired by Fictional Characters!

Pop culture keeps finding new ways into fashion. Whether you're looking for a last minute casual cosplay, out to fight some crime on the streets or are simply in the mood to channel your favorite character, these outfits are sure to give you some inspiration.

Nitro+'s babe of a mascot, Super Sonico, has had many looks in her career of modeling, cosplaying and showcasing many sexy ensembles on stage.

This look is very cute and bubbly, the garters just peeking from the hem typical of Sonico's flirty style.

Harley Quinn has been through many character designs. Ranging from her iconic catsuit to playing a nurse, each rendition is slightly darker but never loses that streak of exuberance.

Inspired by her Arkham Knight redesign, his outfit combines a bit of the old with the new, showcasing Harley's love for Mistuh J and her kooky personality.

Princess Bubblegum is very prim and poised while performing her political duties but in her spare time loves to experiment with many different fringe styles. In each episode, she seems to have on a different ensemble!

This look is elegant while still having the youthful, free spirited energy that Princess Bubblegum embodies. Add a clutch bag for more formal occasions or dress this look down with a pair of tights and some flats.

When Usagi isn't at school or fighting for the Silver Crystal, she is often seen dressing like the typical teenage girl. She enjoys feminine prints, pastels, crop tops and pretty jewelry. After all, she's just a normal girl, right?

She has so many pretty outfits in the old series. I chose this to show that even the most basic pieces can look stunning. Sometimes, it doesn't take much to feel pretty and feminine.

For something a bit darker, you could don the armor of the secret assassins of Tamriel, The Dark Brotherhood
The dark color scheme will help you to stay in the shadows. The hip bag will allow you to hide potions and daggers while your Dragonborn amulet and poison rings will render your contracts helpless.

Keep checking back on Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep for more fashion, cosplay and general geekery. Comment down below what fashion articles you'd like to see in the future and remember to check out ADOES's facebook page! 
(Written by Alice from coming soon!)