Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Weird and Wonderful World of Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks

There are some pretty weird and wacky Pokemon ROM hacks out there. Some are very boring and usually just end up making things like shinies and legendaries commonplace and many never see completion due to the creators abandoning the projects but I thought I'd do a small feature on some of the more out-there ones I've noticed featuring things ranging from incorporating other franchises to drastic (often hilarious) changes to dialogue and sprites and bizarre "Fakemon".
Warning: Some of these may be NSFW.

Pokemon Sweet Version
Welcome to Candy Land! It's as if Willy Wonka took over Gamefreak. Yes, it's a Pokemon game where everything - from the buildings to the Pokemon - is made from candy!

Pokemon Z
The concept is hacking Pokemon and making into a Dragon Ball Z game. So far what I've seen from the screenshots actually looks quite promising and in a way reminds of the Legacy of Goku games. Except WHY IS RADITZ A PSYCHIC AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH POKEMON?

fLLare Red
An XXX rated Fire Red hack with some NSFW dialogue and a Professor who's pretty openly a pervert. If the first game isn't enough, there's also a sequel out there called fLLare Red2.

Pokemon My Ass Version [Warning VERY NSFW!]
This ROM hack takes things a step up from fLLare Red and features some rather NSFW edits of in game sprites such as gym leaders and the playable character (you're naked for some reason) along with changes to the dialogue.
& let's not forget that Teenage Mutant Ninja squirtle!

Pokemon Chaos Black
Ok the concept for this doesn't really sound bad and it features some original and quite out-there "Fakemon" including Mewthree.

Pokemon - Digimon Version
I understand the connection between Pokemon and Digimon. Yes, they're both creatures with special abilities which may even look interchangeable but as someone who's watched both Digimon and Pokemon there is definitely a marked difference so I just don't get how this game is supposed to work. Concept seems neat but in all honesty I just don't think it the best mashup.

Other ROM hacks I've seen include a reasonably well done Dragon Ball hack in Spanish, a Mega Man version and one where you play as Team Rocket (which is basically not much different to the original game but someone changed the sprite).

Now, my readers, I leave you this question: What are some of the strangest Pokemon ROM hacks you've seen? Feel free to share links and screenshots in a comment. I might even put up the download links to some of these in the comments section.