Wednesday, 31 December 2014

PAX Australia 2014

I was going to write about my experiences at PAX Australia 2014 earlier but I was at the time swamped with work so I will write about it now, before the year ends.
For those who don't know, PAX aka Penny Arcade Expo is basically a convention dedicated to gaming in general (video games, table top, trading cards, you name it!) and the Australian PAX expo has been held in my hometown for the past two years (& will be again for at least another few years!).

I was lucky enough to be working at the convention this year, promoting the French MMO Wakfu from game publisher Ankama Games. We had people sign up and play BoufBowl for a chance to win prizes ranging from stickers, lanyards, redeemable in-game item codes and, if they were REALLY lucky, an action figure! Additionally, I ended up signing up for Wakfu myself following this experience and am looking to do future posts related to the game.

Before, after and during helping with the Wakfu booth I  saw some pretty epic cosplays which I managed to get some photos of~ Here are some of my favourites (including a Team Rocket Slowpoke Tail salesman who let me have a tail) which I thought were definitely worth featuring. [click the thumbnails to enlarge]

PAX was not only an excellent opportunity to catch up on gaming (something I hadn't had much time to do thanks to university and work), but it was also an excellent time to go shopping and I ended up buying a Legend of Zelda inspired Heart Container necklace as well as a heap of official PAX merch including a t-shirt and hat. A guy who stopped by the Wakfu booth also let me have his Razer hoodie for free because it was waaayyyy too small for him (& coincidentally he also won a major prize!).

Did anyone else reading my blog go to PAXAUS in 2014? What were your highlights and was there anything you perhaps didn't like? Were you one of the people who stopped by the booth I was at in the tabletop section? I would love to know what you thought so feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.

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