Sunday, 28 December 2014

Proposal For an All Regions Pokemon Game

To quote Junichi Masuda from Game Freak on the prospect of an all-region Pokemon game: "If we could come up with a way to really make that interesting, then it’s something we’d implement – but for me, personally, as a theory, I think it would be more fun for us all to enjoy different locations and then share that experience together than all have the same experience in the same region."
Yes, even though it's not currently planned, if someone can come up with an idea in order to make it work - and work well - it may *fingers crossed* just become a reality. I've been thinking on the idea and personally here is what I want to see.
 Let me know what you think (the good, the bad, the ugly).

- Firstly, I loved the amount of trainer customisation in Pokemon X and Y and would love to see this carried over to an all-regions game as it would add a feeling of having a unique character rather than just a default boy/girl. e.g. being able to change your character to give them different hair and clothes throughout the game as well as choosing the name and gender.

-I've read many suggestions about chronological order gameplay starting in Kanto but in my opinion that would still result in the "same" or similar experiences going from region to region. How about instead of all starting in the same region we get to choose which region we start in and where we're from? It would give more dimension to the character, let us set up our own "Pokemon journey" and make the game have a whole lot more replay-ability value as well. Depending which region you start in would also determine things such as who your first/main rival is and which starter you choose.

-Adding to the previous suggestion, I feel that Pokemon should do what games like Mass Effect do and make different events occur based on your in-game decisions which could be influenced by various factors such as which region you begin in, which starter you choose, who your rival is etc. I also feel like adding in character alliances such as "ally" or "rival" alongside regular "trainers" you encounter. I also think the game should include all the crime teams from all regions and there should be a consequence of some sort based on which villain "Teams" you defeat. For example, I believe if Team Magma is defeated, there is a subplot involving Aqua whereas if Aqua is defeated there is a subplot involving Magma. Once you beat the Elite 4 and champion in one region you are given a freedom of choice to decide which region you want to visit next and I believe the order in which you visit regions should impact the events which follow in subsequent regions.

- The idea of leveling as it currently stands could pose a major hurdle as Pokemon are capped to level at 100. I think perhaps leveling should be slowed with the starter Pokemon being level 1,  a heightened experience curve and less EXP gained from Battles. The idea of EV training should also play a large role in the in-game battles and not be limited exclusively to in-game competitions, adding an element of strategy and difficulty to the games. I also think that the gym leaders and elite 4 in your starting region should be weaker and get stronger as you move from region to region (the game should be programmed using to adjust to your current level as is done in a lot of games these days such as Borderlands).

-I believe in perhaps expanding on double battles since they've always felt overly gimmicky to me. I would love a feature where you could, for example, "romance" an NPC to the point they become your boyfriend/girlfriend (sort of like in Harvest Moon) who you can later find in your house and choose to bring them along with you (they tag along with you) as a double battling duo partner. Additionally I feel you should have a separate menu in which to manage your partners Pokemon. Your partner's Pokemon level up in a manner similar to EXP share if they battle with you OR even if they are not with you whilst walking similar to daycare.

-Keep many features such as the online play (including Wonder Trade and GTS) as well as O powers, Pokemiles, Pokemon Amie, etc. Also bring back the option of having a Pokemon walk behind you (though make it possible to choose not to have a Pokemon behind you as well) which I thought was one of the things that worked best in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I also think different regions should have different extra things e.g. Goldenrod radio in Johto and different TV broadcasts in each region. I really liked the Fame Checker idea in Fire Red / Leaf Green and would love to see it make a comeback!

-If all maps are included I would hope this would also include the Sevii Islands (arguably one of my favourite parts of FR/LG) and Battle Frontier! Including the Orre Region would be interesting too since I am curious how that would translate from Pokemon Colosseum to the 3DS.
-An epilogue! You've beaten the elite 4 of every region, you're a champion everywhere AAAANNNDD you've completed the Pokedex! What now!? I find the current certificate of completion and Hall of Fame induction a bit lacklustre. I think that, based on your decisions throughout the game and which region you started in, each character should get a different epilogue and ending story attached to them. Did they disappear some place and were never see again? Did they marry and start a family? Did they retire from Pokemon training altogether? Did they open their own Pokemon Academy? Did they just continue to train Pokemon and become godly and unstoppable?  What's next!!??


  1. YES I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I agree with most things, if not everything stated here. One idea, one could argue, is that there should be 250 levels instead of 100 levels so there's still some distinction between levels (so you can have about 30-40 levels to each region instead of 15-20). I love the Mass Effect idea, it would compel people to play again to revisit the stoyline and to see how it pans out differently. Also, on top of this, maybe only certain wild pokemon could appear based on those decisions you make (decision you make could effect the environment somehow) so that complexity could be intertwined with the pokemon you get as some kind of version-exclusive alternative solution. It would compel people to trade each other more, too.

    1. My main reason against level 100+ is because it would interfere with the integrity of the original game mechanics which I would like to preserve so instead am opting for a heightened experience bell curve which makes leveling up a lot more difficult and a way of adjusting the opponents and exp share to ensure overleveling does not happen at any time. This would keep the game challenging and fresh without exceeding level 100 and allowing cross-compatability from past titles (transferred Pokemon would have their exp curves adjusted accordingly).

    2. "Maybe only certain wild pokemon could appear based on those decisions you make (decision you make could effect the environment somehow) so that complexity could be intertwined with the pokemon you get as some kind of version-exclusive alternative solution. It would compel people to trade each other more, too." Yes, yes and yes!

  2. Disclaimer: Have had a few comments on the map & I feel I need to mention I just threw in the map so this article didn't look like an uninviting block of text. It's a Pokemon region map I've found around the internet & from what I gather contains regions that aren't even in the games (I only used it because I've found too many which look to be waayyyy too specific to the Pokemon anime and I did not want this hypothetical game to sound anything like the Pokemon anime). The real map would likely be a lot more accurate to the in-game Pokemon world and if anyone has a better map feel free to share so I can replace the current map. A small bonus space station map accessible from Hoenn with "zero-gravity" environmental effects ("lowering physical attacks by.25 and ground doesn't effect") has also been suggested by readers.
    Additionally I would like to point out a lot of people seem to implying things based on the anime (ie starting afresh each region) and there are many reasons I am against this including a) it would make the game incredibly repetitive b) the game should be a unique experience unlike any other c) if Pokemon and trainers in the area are simply adjusted to match up according to your level and stats and exp curve is greatly heightened (traded Pokemon would need exp curve conversions when being transferred) then I do not see how overleveling would become a problem even though the game would be significantly longer.
    Lastly, as for the trainer's age; I think that perhaps it should be adjustable when customizing your character. In demographics articles it has been proven that nowadays there are many Pokemon players, including myself, who are adults and in more recent games (e.g. X and Y and Black and White) the trainers have looked to be in their teens.

  3. It would be the same as skyrim or assassins creed or GTA. You can roam wherever you want and the goal is to defeat every gym leader ever! All people around the world roaming

  4. It would be great to be able to have the soaring the sky feature in ORAS but instead of just Latios and Latias, yiu can soar with flying pokemon or others like flygon.

  5. I love all of these suggestions, but I must point out the error of some of these.
    First and foremost, the top thing that most trainers hate about Pokémon is the time it takes to train them. For many, it is not so much about beating the gym leaders, but rather leveling up in general. Levels do make it easier to train other Pokémon after And "huge" it would be... Literally. Each game cartridge can only hold so much memory. Remember how big GBA game cartridges are? I estimate twice, if not three times the size of that, will be how big a game like this would be. Perhaps as a PC or Wii(U) game, it would be possible, but never for the traditional handhelds.all. The more time someone spends doing a task over and over again, the more likely he/she is going to say "You know what? This is getting pretty boring, I'd rather watch TV/ read/ do an internet." Although slowing down experience gained was a creative idea (most would just say to raise the level cap), it would simply prove to be impractical.
    And practicality leads to my second observation. How many people would actually buy the game, and continue to buy others? A collaboration of all of the games, making them 3D-compatible, and adding even more features so that consumers won't complain about recycling. All of this would be terribly expensive. Parents may hesitate to even consider it as a Christmas or birthday (or any other gift-giving occasion) present. Then, if they did buy it, and it was indeed engaging, the player may not want to play any of Nintendo's other games! For an average person, between work/ school and other activities, even a normal game, with its side quests and minigames, takes anywhere from a month to half a year. Multiplied by seven (another region will probably be invented before this happens), a player could go three and a half years without getting bored. That's 3.5 years during which a company will have to pay developers, designers, translators, and everyone else that works for them. Granted, Pokémon is a sub-division of Nintendo, and that there are other departments that make their own games and money, but the loss would simply be too great. No company would ever afford that risk, no matter how huge it could be.
    Please know that this comment is in no way meant to be offensive. I'm really glad that you took the time to write this article. However, these great ideas may never become reality, at least not for a very long time. I wouldn't get my hopes up, but you never know.

  6. hi i am a student and learning game development and i love pokemon and my thought the same of a game with all the regions connected so will you allow me to use your map in the game plz