Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Favourite Pokemon Samsung Galaxy (& iPhone) Cases

I currently have a relic of a smartphone by today's standards - a 2011 HTC Sensation - and recently it's been starting to play up on me so it's been decided I'm getting a Samsuing Galaxy S5. I don't know too much about phone's as I didn't really own even a basic mobile till undergraduate university so I won't be talking much on specs or anything in this article, mostly showing off my finds in a quest to find myself a new case. I really loved my 3D black cat case for my HTC Sensation so initially I decided to look for similar ones but, to my dismay, could not find any soooo I decided I'd go with the next best thing: Pokemon. Listed here are some of the cases I found and would recommend to others looking for a case (especially if it happens to be a Pokemon case with a bold/arty edge!).
Apple user? Don't despair! Whilst I was after Samsung Galaxy cases, many of these designs are also available for iPhone.

Join Team Aqua/Team Magma
Given my obsession with Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire along with the bold yet simplistic design, I thought these designs being sold on RedBubble by user mindhoneyisgood were absolutely perfect. If I was to choose any drawback for these it would probably have to be the price as I think forking out $30-40USD (depending whether you want snap, tough - with added silicon shock absorption - or a vinyl skin) is a bit much for a phone case, especially if you're converting the price to AUD. Still, irrespective of the price I think I'm going to get the Join Magma one anyway and, before I forget, the design also allows convenient access to all ports, buttons and camera lenses.

PKM101 Studios
PKM101 Studios (site: www.pkm101.com or Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/PKM101) from Canada do Pokemon themed Samsung and iPhone phone cases with a modern art touch and I absolutely love some of these designs! Compared to the RedBubble prices these cases are more affordable in price (even with shipping costs), however there isn't the option for silicon shock absorption for those of you known to be rough with your phone. The cases themselves are made of a plastic that goes over the phone but leaves openings for things like camera and buttons plus the art style is colourful and eyecatchy and there are a number of different Pokemon to choose from! Additionally, as well as phone cases, PKM101 feature their designs on pillows, mugs and posters.

YYKawaii (www.etsy.com/shop/YYKawaii)
Here's one for the Pokemon fans out there after something cute and 3D (perfect if you're a sweet lolita into Pokemon or know someone who is!) phone cases. I love the detail in these and the 3D bits sticking out (everything about them screams ADORABLE!) as well as the fact YYKawaii makes these for various different phone models (see dropdown Phone Case menu in Etsy product ordering screen for a complete list). Main drawbacks for these I would consider the lack of variety to choose from (Sylveon, Marril and Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur are pretty much the only Pokemon ones at the moment but they also do other anime stuff!) and the price (~$42USD for a phone case). The bits which stick out may also get in the way (or even damaged) if you intend to carry your phone in your pocket so this one's also more recommended for those who prefer carrying their phone in a bag.
Ok I think I'll be leaving it at those three for the time and I would love to know in the comments section (or on Twitter or Facebook) what you think and if there are any other Pokemon inspired phone cases I should check out. I am aware there's many Pokedex, GBC and starter Pokemon themed ones but I personally found them a bit too cliche for my liking so wanted to find something that was still Pokemon related but a bit different.

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